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Why are there no black toothbrushes?

Asked by Yuit (39points) February 23rd, 2013

Oddly, I have never seen a black toothbrush, they seem to be all colorful and often with unnecessary details along their shapes. Trivial enough object, sure, but I find that child-like nonetheless.

This pattern seems to apply to other things, I wonder if Nike produces any entirely black or grey kind of athletic shoes at all, I don’t recall seeing any model of a single color or without useless yet abundant aesthetical details recently. So it’s not just the candy section that aims towards bright colors and the like after all?

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Same reason there is no black toothpaste or black soap. When it comes to personal hygiene, black looks dirty. People won’t buy it.

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It’s a conspiracy…

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Man I’d be so down with a black toothbrush! I want one!

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Could be queer to use a black toothpaste while you want your teeth to be the opposite color indeed. When it comes to toothbrushes, though, I meant their handles, not the bristles.

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I wouldn’t say there are no black toothbrushes. You just have to shop a little.

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You can’t find them in the dark.

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why the hell would you be brushing your teeth in the dark in the first place?

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There used to be, but no longer. I thought it was because the NAACP demonstrated against them because they continued the stereotype of black brushes cleaning white teeth… which was seen as somewhat demeaning.

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I’ve never thought about this one, nor have I ever seen a black toothbrush.
I have seen a number of athletic shoes that are grey or black, though. I have a pair of grey Pumas right now.
I think there has been a trend in the past decade or so for clothing and shoes to be outlandish colors. I’m thinking in particular of those super expensive hip hop brand hoodies. A couple of decades ago, those would have been “gay” for tough guys to wear, but now they are cool.
Welcome to Fluther by the way @Yuit.

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Maybe it’s because black is beautiful, and items like toothbrushes and toothpaste shouldn’t be beautiful. Then maybe again too many people turned up at the ER after trying to deepthroat their toothbrush. Adding to that theory, they do have black soap. That’s because nobody goes down on soap.

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I couldn’t swear to it, but I think I’ve seen a black tooth brush. And I know Swift & Co tried to market a black soap, but it didn’t sell. (My dad worked for Swift)

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Because cavity, black. I don’t know.

But I’ve wondered myself, how come toothbrushes always look like some kind of spaceship, with all the neon colored rubber grips and race stripes and crap all over them. O_o

Also don’t do an image search of ’‘cavity’’. It’s fucking gross. XD

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Seems to me the quality of bristles today isn’t the same as when I was a kid. They feel rougher and more plasticy. As for color, I don’t much care so long as it keeps my gums and pearlies in the pink.

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There are, I used to have one (but now it’s a purple one again, shit.)

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Sorry if I am late to the game, but there is a and they sell exactly this and nothing else. (full disclosure, it’s my shop and it’s totally legit)

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