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Are cruises any fun for people in their late 20's early 30's?

Asked by hollym (304points) June 17th, 2008

I’m thinking about going on a cruise. BUT, all the reviews I read are written by people in their late 50’s or 60’s.

Are cruises typically fun for people in their late 20’s or early 30’s? What are the best cruise lines?

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It depends entirely on what you are looking for and consider fun. Are you asking about the cruise itself or shore activities or both? Cruises not only vary by their line, but also destinations and time of year. I think a bit more detail and we could help you out more. Kids? Single or not? Do you like to gamble, drink, dance, dress up? What kind of climate do you want to travel in? How much do you want to spend?

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No Kids
Mostly looking forward to the cruising.
We do drink.
Sometimes we dance.
We like music, movies, shows.
Not big gamblers nor do we want to dress up and have dinner with the captain.
I would LOVE to go to Alaska and do whale watching.

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If you have a spine, you will have fun. Most of them have something for everybody.

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I got dragged along on a cruise by my family and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. A lot of it was stuffy and annoying (really, how many lectures do they need to hold on how to buy diamonds!?!), but do all of the excursions that you can afford and you’ll have fun.

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One more question: Would you want to eat with the same people every night, if possible just have a table for two, or be surprised every night with a new group of people.

Alaska is an excellent choice, especially for a first time cruiser.

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My husband and I are kind of… well, not anti-social. We’re totally social with people we know and / or have a lot in common with. But we’d probably prefer to eat alone or have the option to choose who to sit with.

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Alaska cruises are wonderful! Food is incredible. Activities for all ages off the boat…I went on an excursion where we went canoeing in Alaska to an island, went on a short hike and ate smoked salmon…good times! I also went on an AMAZING train ride…I know, come on, it’s a train but no, it really was cool. You and your husband will have fun no matter what and the scenery in Alaska makes it all worth the while. I would go on a cruise anywhere in a heartbeat (preferably the Greek Isles). Catch up on some rest, RELAX, read, etc. I brought beads to work on jewelry when I got bored. I say go for it!

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I love train rides! Not that I’ve taken a lot, but last Christmas we went into the Rocky Mts. on a train. It was nice! Lucky, too, because the roads were closed when we got up there. Had we not taken the train we would’ve been SOL.

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Because a cruise is real money, I strongly suggest a travel agent with cruise expertise. Two that I know personally and can recommend are The Cruise Hound in Orlando and Casto Vacations headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, but with multiple offices.

Their expertise is worth it, even if you have to pay a fee, because they will match your vacation to your desires. They also have a vested interest in finding a cruise that will be right for you so that you come back as a customer.

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The train ride is one of the best in the world as far as I’m concerned. It’s the White Pass and Yukon RR. Best first cruise is Alaska inside passage from Seattle (if you are flying out of the US, as Vancouver is more expensive for airfare). More later about the dining option, as that will matter for you from what you’ve said. On my way out, but I will get back to you.

The rates to Alaska go down when kids are in school.

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A cruise is such a fun vacation, you should definitely try it. There are so many different thing to do its amazing how they can fit it all on a boat! There are many websites which offer closeout savings on cruises. is one but there are several others. Have fun, and definitely try it….

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@ Seesul: yes…that was it and SO amazing! What cruise did you take?
@ hahmoore: was it the Railway through the Rockies? I saw a PBS special on this and have always wanted to go.

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I was kind of wondering the same thing. I think that this is a really good question. After reading all of the responses though, and knowing what I already do regarding cruises at a young age, I will wait until I am older. I have two toddlers man!

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When I went on a cruise I was 15, and I had fun once I met someone my age. NAd once you get on the islands you will meet a lot of people your age. My cousins who were 18–21 at the time had a blast. They met all sorts of girls , and other guys to have fun and party with. I think the key is to pick the right cruise line. Carnival seems to be popular for younger people.

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The age distribution on a cruise depends on a number of factors. Long and expensive cruises, especially to exotic destinations, tend to have a much older clientele. On the other hand, shorter cruises in the Caribbean tend to have much younger clienteles. And some cruise lines, especially Carnival, are known for attracting a very young partying clientele. The opposite is true of Holland America. I suggest that you talk to friends who have cruised or to a travel agent.

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