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Would you fill out a profile if you haven't already?

Asked by gailcalled (54563points) June 17th, 2008

I find it very helpful to know a little something about the person behind the username. It helps me couch my answers in what I think is a suitable way.

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what a coincidence. i did it like 1/2 an hour before you asked.

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Thanks for the reminder. When I get time I will add more.

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I actually just changed mine about 5 minutes ago.

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I second the request. I have PM’d welcomes to new Flutherites only to find a vast desert of non-information. It helps connect if one can at least see places and interests.

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I updated mine earlier today. Why? Because I felt like it, that’s why. Leave me alone.

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I just deleted some of my information the other day. Thought like I might be sharing too much! Maybe I’ll put some of my interests back in as I am with gail and Marina.

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Honestly, my profile is as padded and complete as it’s gonna get. My hobbies and interests are ever-changing and I’m (unfortunately?) not a recognised expert in any particular field, so, this is what it’ll be.

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inane response self-removed

(I should get some sleep)

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@wildflower: I actually loved what your profile said. I got a good chuckle as I do with a lot you have to say. It fits PERFECTLY.

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@AC and wild: Notice that I didn’t ask to update or pad or expand. I requested “a little something” – information from column A only.

And Astro; I will happily leave you alone.

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but I just never know what to say. I’m a loser, that just pretty much covers it.

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gailcalled, I think AC was joking. Right?

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@wildflower Your profile does reveal you—and in a very inventive way!

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@Astrochuck Are you sure it wasn’t porcupines? :)

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