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Is Google+ dead?

Asked by syz (35649points) July 8th, 2013

I created a page for work for SEO, but I haven’t touched it in months and now I can’t seem to get logged back in. Should I bother with it?

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Google+ is a pain in the ass. I tried it out after wrangling an invite from Pitbull. I hated it.
I think it was an epic fail on Googles part.
To answer your question, it should be dead, but I have no idea whether it is or not.

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Google+ is exactly what Google wants it to be. They were never trying to replace Facebook. Their purpose was to have all their services connected and Google+ is the heart of it.

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Not dead. It is alive and annoying as fuck. I don’t really ever log into google since I use a different search engine and host my own email but I wanted to watch a video on youtube and since it was age restricted forced me to login. I got about three windows telling me I needed google+ and blindly clicked yes without reading so they would go away. I was able to watch the shitty Justin Timberlake song I was told “is porn” it wasn’t porn and this showed up in my inbox.

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I ignore it.

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I think they killed reader to try and push people to +.

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^ ^Before they killed Google Reader, I would have come here to talk Google+ up. Now…f*ck them.

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According to my buddy who works for some military providing backpack company Google+ is on the rise. (The company purchases information/statistics)

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From what my sons tell me, it is more useful as a networking site than for social interchange. I am on it but never go there anymore.

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If you had said anything but “I did it for SEO” , I would recommend ditching it. But because you’re using it for SEO, you’ll probably want to stick with it. The majority of other users might hop on G+ for the social thing, but Facebook is dominating that space right now, so it’ll be a different crowd on G+, if any at all.

But for marketing purposes, Google plus is still important. The obvious reason is for social marketing and networking. It lets you promote in social circles, and stay connected to your industry circles for both of those channels.

However, there’s still a more important reason for SEO-based Google plus activity. And that is the Authorship markup. You need to have a google plus profile (especially if you do any blogging or online writing) in order for Authorship markup, and you’ll need to keep your “Contributor” section updated with sites you work on.

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I love Google plus and I use it every day. It’s great once you get into the various communities.

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@Rarebear – It is so much better – and more – than any of the social networks that people incorrectly compared it to. If you’re invested in the Googleverse, Google+ is really the thing that ties it all together. Admittedly, it does a great job at some things (communities, hangouts, circles, screen sharing, etc) and it’s all tied in to Android. But I am still hurting from the Google Reader murder, so I’m pretty pissed off at Google. Also, while I use Google+ for all of my photo albums and sharing (it also does instant auto-backups of photos from my phone), I am still missing many of the Picasa Web features that were lost when it became Google+.

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@tom_g Well I use it for a specialized purpose, astronomy google plus hangouts. I never used Reader much so it didn’t hurt me as badly.

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I enjoy Google+ and if it’s dead it’s news to me. I’m constantly adding new photographers and have found a few celebrities that like mucking around with G+.

However, if you’re going to make a G+ and then not keep up with it then you shouldn’t bother. Activity is what gets attention.

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@mrentropy That’s why the communities work for me. I keep up with various astronomy communities and that’s it.

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Yes, it is.
I have an account and I have NOT used it for 2 years. Oopsies! Nobody uses it anymore. It’s hit bottom, sorry Google. The search engine still works, though. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is the ‘thing’ nowadays.

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@kimchi Is that sarcasm?

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To those that are declaring G+ dead and written off, not so fast. As I mentioned, this platform isn’t going anywhere as long as Authorship Markup is connected to it. Any digital marketing professional worth his salt is using G+ (many only because they have to for Authorship).

And when Google Knowledge Graph rolls out in Search, look for Google Plus to be that much more of a crucial tool for marketers. (Not to mention the source of a lot of the data in their index).

Whether or not it’s a great social platform is your personal preference, but I must agree with @tom_g on his good points about Google Plus

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what is google plus?

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@mrentropy Sorry to disappoint you, but no):

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@kimchi So… because you haven’t used it in two years it’s dead?

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old (January), but relevant?

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lol Kimchi, the Great and Powerful.
I’m pretty sure it shut down when I quit using it. The powers that be at Google said “Well, since Jewels has abandoned ship, what’s the point really?”
So they pulled the plug and put it out of its misery.
Sorry about that folks.

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I haven’t been to New York City in about eight years. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t anything going on there. Probably a ghost town by now.

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No. google+ is not dead even it is the strong social networking platform which provides great User interface to share news about your business or firms with other people.

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None too soon.

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I keep having people I know adding me but I never go on it.

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