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How to gain weight in a healthy way?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) July 18th, 2013

I know this has been asked on here before (albeit a long time ago) but I just want some new answers. I’m also looking for more than “eat more” because I eat plenty. I weigh about 125 and I’m 5’9”. I used to be 140 when I was a freshman in college, which was about 5 years ago. I lost weight unintentionally and never gained it back. What makes it worse is that whenever I’m sick (like now) I tend to lose MORE weight which puts me in unhealthy weight territory. I run 3 miles 3 times a week for exercise. I don’t lift, though I probably should. Is there a way for me to gain healthy weight? Oh and I can’t do any type of regimen with heavy dairy because I’m allergic to milk. If I eat cheese, it has to be in very small portions or I will get sick.

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Start a diet diary with food and calorie intake, you need to review “I eat plenty” because if you did you wouldn’t be asking the question.
A daily review of calories both intake and expended will lell you how much more you need to add to diet.—Pizza ( no cheese ) and dark beer once a day for a snack will start you in the right direction.

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How many calories do you actually eat daily? It’s hard to know if it seems like your body is burning up calories at an excessive rate without knowing how many calories you actually it.

Hyperthyroidism is actually more common than people realize among young women, that might be a possibility. Do you have any other symptoms? Do you sleep less than 8 hours a night? Do you feel anxious easily? Dry skin, eyes, and hair? Does your heart ever feel like it is racing or pounding? Do you feel light headed or spacey even when you have already been sitting or standing up already? Any of those sound familiar?

Some people are naturally thin and they don’t have an illness or disorder, but since you did weigh more before and something seems to have changed, and I will assume your diet hasn’t changed, you probably have some sort of physiological change going on that you might want to get checked by a doctor.

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I have done the food diary thing before (about a month ago) I take in a range between 1600–1900 calories on a daily basis. That’s about the average, of course there is the odd day where I may take in less or more.

@JLeslie I get around 6–7 hours of sleep per night, I do have dry skin and hair, I also have the heart pounding. I’ll ask my doctor about it next time I go.

My diet hasn’t changed THAT much. It’s weird because those years ago I actually lost weight during I time where I started eating tons of junk food (at like 3 A.M. ‘sigh’ the life of a college freshman). My diet has since changed for the better, I don’t eat meat quite as much and I try to eat more fruits and veggies, but still no significant change in weight.

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Maybe you should think of beginning weight lifting, and incorporating more protein into your diet. Putting on muscle is a healthful way to gain weight.

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@cutiepi92 The problem is your intake. 1600–1900 calories is not “plenty.” At your height, weight, age, and activity level, you need about 2150 calories just to maintain your weight. So you’re at a deficit right now – aka “dieting.” Not good, especially considering you’re at the lowest weight someone of your height should be -bordering on being underweight. You should consume about 2600 calories to gain weight slowly (about a pound or a bit less per week).

Eat what you eat now, just more of it. Lift heavy, too, and eat even more calories when you do.

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The thing that works for me is lifting. I can’t make myself eat any more than I do, but I can build muscle.

The running is good if it helps increase your appetite, but keep in mind that running burns a lot of calories.

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You should try to intake more protein in your diet. Try eating some ground food like cassava, sweet potatoes and yams. Eat that with some turkey, stewed chicken or fish.

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1600–1900 calories equals about 125–130lbs, so that is probably why you weigh what you do.

You still might want to get the thyroid test when you are at your doctor next time though. It’s a simple blood test and very inexpensive if you don’t have insurance.

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my bf couldn’t gain weight until I told him to track his calories. He used myfitnesspal ap on iPhone and consciously ate way more calories than maintenance. I would recommend that ap too

I would eat a lot of meats, whole grains, healthy fats like avocado and cheese which can be high in calories, etc. weight gainer can help if you seriously want a lot of weight

While also lifting weights.

Maybe add 200 more calories than maintenance to slowly gain some meat without more fatty tissue

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Lifting weights could help. Yoga could help too. It seems that most yogis I know are not extremely thin and always have full firm butts. I think it’s from those open hips.
Can you eat goat cheese? How about peanut butter or just nuts in general? An avocado a day could be helpful too.

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Just to contradict some jellies, I wouldn’t add cheese or meat unless you know where your cholesterol numbers stand. I’m sure you have had that tested before, so you probably know if you can eat more or not. If you eat more of anything it will mean more calories and weight gain. If you want to add fat calories I like better the idea of plant based fats like avocados and nuts. You might also try eating some beans for protein and calories. Black bean soup, beans and rice, lentils, etc.

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I agree with others that your calorie count is low. With normal activity you should be averaging about 1800 calories a day. But since you are active you should probably be at least at 2100 just to maintain your weight.
Also contrary to popular belief, our bodies do need fats. So if you are on a low fat diet, you are not doing yourself any favors.

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You need to find high calorie low volume foods that work for you. Have extra olive oil on your salad (on everything!)
Nuts, egg yolks, avocados, maybe even treat yourself to a sugary drink a day or have a double soy latte with extra caramel every day.

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@rudrapratap The OP wants to gain weight in a healthy way. Pigging out on fast food doesn’t exactly fit the bill.

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You said you run 3 miles 3 time a week, Running is very good exercise but its not favorable especially on your body state right now. Running burns a lot of calories which your body needs to gain weight. At least reduce your running exercise and start lifting, also eat foods with more protein. Proper food intake and exercise will surely have a good result. Another one take vitamins! :D

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