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Have you heard of this problem with cats?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) June 19th, 2008

Having noticed thinning hair on cat between ears and tops of eyes, I chauffeured Milo yet again to Vet’s today. Mange? No. Ringworm? No. What? Male pattern baldness. Vet said that he had the same problem. Hearty laugh from two of the three of us. (Milo threw up in car on trip home.) Comb over? Rug from all that shedding hair. Are cats vain?

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We have 2 older cats (13 and 14) with the same problem. They don’t seem to mind their thinning coiffeurs, as long as they are fed on time! ;)

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Both of our boy cats had this and it was more noticeable as they got older. No sign of it yet on the kitten, but I guess his day is coming.

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Milo is still a spring chicken as cats go, if you get my drift. He is probably 5 or 6 yrs old as far as we know. I am relieved that he isn’t the only one. ( And he is active and a self-regulating eater. Food is always available.)

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Next thing you know he’ll be getting a paunch and starting to pee a lot.

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I have never heard of this but it is fascinating.

Will we soon see hoarding of the tv remote and an attraction to beer? Let us know.

By the way- kudos to you for taking him to the vet promptly.

It is refreshing to see posts where the welfare of possibly suffering animals has been taken care of without need for posts and debates by non professionals here.

Far too often treatment is delayed and it is tragic and cruel.

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@Marina; at first I thought you were talking about my ex.

@Dog: at first I thought you were talking about me.

If trend continues, I expect Milo to look like Yul Brynner; lean, sexy, exotic and (my new, favorite word) glabrous.

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@Dog: I couldn’t quite understand last line of your post. Memo to yourself?

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@gailcalled my iPhone would not let me correct due to lockup. I had to re- open and then it let me delete and correct.

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Bella had this same problem, along with some red bumps that came later. I put Neosporine on it, and it went away! Also, his hair grew back! Bel is only eight years old.

Gail, the doctor is inducing Tosh on Tuesday! I can’t wait

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@Bulb: Wow; I make her about two weeks before predicted due date. Hope that all is going and does goes well. Remember to breath and let us all know soonest. I will be curious about the hair. Some babies come out bald and other with a mop top.

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I will PM you, and then I’ll probably post a picture of us! Words can’t describe this feeling of anticipation! Sorry about the thread jack, Gail! Besides the baldness; how is Milo?

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Home now with a normal keyboard.

@Gailcalled- I never meant you at all. It is always NICE to read your posts. You are a great human owned by a cat.

I went to college aspiring to become a veterinarian and worked in the field for a few years. When I see a post on Fluther about an ill or injured animal I usually cringe- but not if you have posted it. If there is any doubt you put the animal first and take them in. THANK YOU.

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Seems like all my prematurely balding friends take the high road and just shave all of their hair off.
However, I inherited a persian who had been neglected- hence, dreadlocks. The groomer had to shave her completely, and it was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Also made her the butt of ribald jokes concerning shaving etc.
Here’s another option, if you fear Milo will spiral into a middle age crisis. I’m sure they’ll fit cats as well.

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@Dog: thanks; I was talking about me showing signs of hoarding the tv remote and starting to drink beer. (“More” would mean I start to drink beer – never acquired the taste.)
I found that remark extremely funny, BTW.

@Knot; Talk about humiliation. I’d rather shave my own head than put one of those caps on Milo. Degradation brought to another level. What is with some people? Next we will find animal toup├ęs. (Please don’t google it.)

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made me cringe too. ;^)
Sorry if I induced a gag response.

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One of my cats loses alot of hair every summer. Just when I think he is going to be completely bare bottomed, it grows back. I guess that’s his way of staying cool in the summer!!

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@Scamp; time will tell. In addition to paunch, hoarding the tv remote and more beer, Milo may well take up cigars, according to a friend who is a feline expert.

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@gail, well I hope he doesn’t take to the “cheap” cigars like my SO has. I constantly have to chase him outside so he doesn’t stink up the house! Next up,... he will have all the neighbor cats over to play poker!! ha ha!!

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My daughter; the absent owner, is finding this scenario hilarious.

@Scamp: I will add poker to the list..

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Sooner or later he will want to stay out all night with the other tomcats shooting pool!

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Please, Milo is still recovering from his diagnosis of MPB and having discovered, after five rounds, that cats do not like ants.

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@gc Ants 5, Milo 0?

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@Marina; sad but true.

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Does Milo have cat friends? I know that laboratory mice like to clean each other so much that sometimes they go bald from pathologic preening.

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