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Who will win Euro 2008?

Asked by HenriKAllin (2points) June 22nd, 2008
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Germany of course, no doubt about it, why ? we’re Germany

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I bet you 100 lurve points Turkey beats Germany.

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Turkey is looking very good. Spain is also a very powerful team.

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ah c’mon, turkey gets their goal keeper kicked out, and germany just wins…

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None of my countries are in the competition, so I’m really not bothered.

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germany beats russia in final

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I’d have said the Netherlands two days ago but they haven’t been able to keep their excellent performance in the first round up :(

I’m rooting for Russia (Dutch coach and then we’d have lost from the would-be winners), though I think Spain deserves it. Then again, I fear it’ll be Germany. I really don’t like their play but it might just bring them victory. And of course, Turkey shouldn’t be ruled out. They might juts do the same trick they used against the Czech republic and the Croatians. I wouldn’t really mind if they did, because the Turkish community is quite large here so it’d make for a great mood on the streets.

It could’ve been so nice for the Netherlands though… I guess big countries did it again :(

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Turkey will win, after beating Germany, they will go after Russia (Spain does not stand a chance against Russia)

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turkey will win the consolation price…

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see. turkey lost, just like i told you, no one messes with the germans, they made that pretty clear…

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Damn, Germany is going to win, I see it coming… Really know idea who will win tonight though.

I’d have loved Turkey winning, it’d be such a great mood on the streets here. Kinda funny though that they’re beaten with their own weapons. Too bad I couldn’t see the game as I think it was fun. Is it possible to watch them somewhere online afterwards?

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the game was pretty exciting, close calls for the germans, i was watching the game with a full blood (i’m only half blood), and the rest of the spectators where all cheering for turkey, and why not, the germans are the Dutch’s sworn enemy, if you turn your back they’ll invoke another world war, it’s considered treason to cheer for the germans

anyway, vincent, do you really like those “toerterturken” ? they even honked their horns after they lost, it was just ridiculous…

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@iwamoto – I wasn’t near the city center yesterday so I didn’t notice. But yeah, I like toeterturken, and happy people in general :)

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well, okay, maybe my statement sounded too harsh (morning, being in school, making exams), i mean, yeah, i really like the way they celebrate, i just thought it was inappropriate since they lost… but then again, it shows they’re not like the dutch…

by the way, i heard someone say geert wilders was at it again, something about them celebrating…you know how he is

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Hehe, ah well, makes for nice diversity, right :)
(Plus, they could also be celebrating they ended up higher than the Dutch :P)

I’d love it if Wilders was at it again, because it means I hadn’t heard so he doesn’t get the attention he’d like ;-)

By the way, I do hope Spain is going to win now… For the love of football. However, I fear the worst..)

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Yay, a deserved winner. It’s not the same as the Netherlands winning, but I’m still quite happy with it ;-)

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