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My knee aches after it gets cold. Any ideas why? Or what I should do to stop the aching?

Asked by Mijos (3points) June 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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In all seriousness, there continues to be significant debate about whether a real association exists between weather and arthritis symptoms. Some people swear by this however (i.e. the rain or cold or low pressure etc. excacerbate symptoms).

In terms of what to do, you should start with a thorough medical evaluation to determine what type (if any) of arthritis you have as treatments vary depending on the diagnosis. In the meantime, you can try starting with some tylenol to help alleviate the pain. I know that some people believe in the utility of chondroitin sulfate, but there is little to no data supporting its use, including a large study published in 2006 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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I have aching knees as well. You might want to see a Rheumatologist. I also found this company who’s products I love and believe help alleviate pain. Try the “It Hurts Everywhere” lotion! Damn, I feel old now…I’m too young to feel this damn old!

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Grin and bear it? Aspirin on the really bad days.

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don’t let your knee get cold

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