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What should I do with my extra nuts?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43688points) October 11th, 2013

I have dozens of large, mature Black Walnut and Shagbark Hickory trees on my property. This is the season when they begin to drop nuts. The sound of hickory nuts hitting the roof of my metal pole barn sounds like .22 rifle fire. In fact my neighbor asked what I was shooting 24 hours per day.
I have been collecting about 2 pounds per day of hickory nuts because they are good to eat. But I already have well more than a year’s supply. The Black Walnuts are dropping full garbage cans full every day! I can go out an collect a 5 gallon bucket full in 3 minutes. They are messy and difficult to open so they are not desirable. I’ve already shot them out of my potato cannon, enjoyed batting practice, and golf driving practice with an old set of clubs. I shot at few and watched them explode. But all this does not make a dent in the supply.
Does anyone have any good ideas?
If you have similar trees on your property, what do you do with the nuts?
What should I do with my extra nuts?

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I had a neighbor once with the same problem. He would put them in paper bags, label them with the name and the word “Free” and then put them by the street.

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Will the squirrels eat them in the winter?

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Early christmas gifts.

Actually black walnut powder from the shell and the nut are used in herb stores. Maybe there is someone there who will pay a small fee to “dispose” of them for you by grinding them.

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@anniereborn This is quiet, dead end road. the only people driving down here most likely have thier own supply.

@Adirondackwannabe I have no doubt squirrels, chipmunks, would eat them in the winter – and leave the husks and shells in my attic, or my truck’s engine compartment or my tractor’s seat.
I am trying to dissuade the few remaining rodents in the area from reproducing buy limiting their food supply.

@Unbroken That is interesting. I had not heard that there was that kind of a demand. Would you like a box full after they dry out? Seriously! I’d gladly collect, dry out and send a few pounds for your.enjoyment. Free.

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I see. I was thinking put a feeder out with the nuts and then shoot the squirrels as they come for a meal. I love squirrel. Unfortunately, my s/o is an animal lover and if I shot a squirrel she’d have my nuts, and I’m not referring to the extra ones.

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@LuckyGuy If it were not or the reproduction problem, I would think the assorted husks and shells would make a good mulch for walks, paths, garden areas, etc. But I’m not sure if that type of landscaping would be in your plans.

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We have some different kind of nut banging on our roof . I am actually scared to go outside without an umbrella but I won’t do that. lol

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@LuckyGuy that would be lovely. I really enjoy walnuts. I would pay for shipping.
Oh here is a link to why herbalists sell black walnut powder

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@Aster If I had some nut banging on my roof, I certainly would want to arm myself with something more than an umbrella!

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@Yetanotheruser Supposedly Black walnuts are allelopathic – they excrete a chemical into the soil that kills other plants. I might try it on the path to the barn . Maybe I could save myself a few $ instead of spraying Roundup. I would be afraid to have them near the garden.

@Unbroken You made my day! Sorry, pal. I refuse to accept payment for shipping. My treat!

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I wonder if you could contact someone on a local farm, or a small independent store that sells other types of produce and see if they are interested in taking them, for free.

It’s too bad you can’t process them and freeze them, but it sounds like you have way too many for that idea.

I would also call all my friends, family and neighbors within a 10 mile radius and ask them if they’re interested in taking some of the nuts off your hands.

Is there a local bakery that might be able to take them and process them and freeze them for later use?

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I know the allelopathic compounds are in the Walnut roots. I don’t know about the nuts, but that might be an excellent organic weed control. This calls for a little research.

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I LOVE walnuts and used to gather them as a child. They’re great for banana-nut bread and choc chip walnut cookies, etc…

We’d put them in the driveway and run over them for a month or two to get the hulls off, then crack them and keep them in the pantry for munchies or baking.

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@Unbroken I just went out there and crushed open 50+ nuts that were still in the husk. I took the nuts out and washed them off with the hose. Now they are drying in the sun – with your name on them. :-)
@KNOWITALL That is a neat trick. I will try it.

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Only on Fluther would you find a jellie with extra nuts willing to ship them to another jellie on his dime! I love this place!

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Why not. I figure I’m already missing my prostate so my nuts aren’t doing me any good anyway. :-)

I’m just paying it forward.

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Tea-bagging bonanza.

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I choked when I read this question! Kinda like when I read the “Are you all shaky after committing murder?” question.

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“Nuts!” said the queen. “Two more and I’d be king!”

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You taking the pistachio?

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That depends.

Are you an ant or a grasshopper?

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Neither ant or grasshopper nuts are worth a damn, @Blondesjon.

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aesop didn’t think so

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But that was just a fable.

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Make bucket fulls of candied walnuts for the holidays and Maple nut ice cream.
OMG! Feel free to ship me a pound or two of each.. Otherwise, share with the squirrels. :-)

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Jeez, I go away for a minute and the place turns nutty. ;-)

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Somehow, I thought this was going to be about having more mentally unbalanced acquaintances than you can handle….

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@OneBadApple Clearly your mind is not in the gutter. You won’t spoil the whole bunch.

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Oh, lucky you indeed! I just discovered the joys of hickory nuts this summer – so delicious.

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If you donate your extra nuts and I donate my extra eggs, somebody’s bound to get Prego!

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We’re probably ok if we store them in different boxes. :-)

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^^ And if you bite into one of them, just don’t swallow.

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@Unbroken I mailed a box today. You will receive it on Friday. Keep them away from eggs. :-)

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Have you put an ad on your local Craigslist Free section?

You’d be amazed at the stuff that’s being offered for free on there.

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Got the conifrm. It was delivered at 11:43 on Friday. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much. It is awesome.

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