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I think im on a fluthering low...

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) June 25th, 2008

i realize that im not on fluther as much as i used to be. im afraid that im gonna leave and not come back. any suggestions on how to get over this? my spelling and grammar is also failing because of my lack of using fluther.

i may not have internet access for about 6 weeks, by the way

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I am so sad for you!

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Fluther a lott more

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today I just started a massive session! i.e. I don;t fluther much, but today I just decided I would.
Just think throughout the day, I’d like to know this, then pop on fluther.

for Spelling, get safari, coz it has a spell checker for you! :)

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nooooooo you can’t leave! i talk to you late at night in the chat room. i need my chat buddies!

PS – join us at this question

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Your voice would be a tremendous loss if you leave. I think of you as the Canadian go to guy. I also find your insights interesting and varied.

Sometimes if I have overfluthered, I find myself refreshed by a short break.

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I kinda find myself fluctuating between fluther lows and fluther burn out, both a bit sad, but the in-between bits are great. I think Marina’s probably right. A break is always a good way to refresh your perspective.

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Take a break for a while. It’s nice out.

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im flattered at all of your remarks, but i will be in south africa for 6 weeks where i may not have internet connection. if i find an internet cafe, ill logon, but im gonna be on a reserve doing manual labour 5 days a week. ill only leave on saturday at approximatly 8 pm eastern time, and ill be in the airport in paris with my ipod touch, so ill say my goodbyes then.

i guess this low is a involuntary phase out so it doesnt come all of a sudden.

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How cool! Can I come?

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It’s raining and lighting(ing) where I am.

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Peedub!!!!!!! Is! Back!

Or have I just not been on here as much either, and you (peedub) have been on here for a while?

Don’t leave Mtl_zack. Or take a short break and realize you miss us flutherites!

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@elcho- Whoops! I thought about those possibilities right after I posted that. I guess I mean this time of year but even then…

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