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Why do dog farts smell so bad?

Asked by janbb (58392points) November 9th, 2013

As asked. I’ve some recent examples.

Have fun with it if you want.

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Compared to yours?

I just asked my dog and she said it is all a matter of perspective.

Check what the dog is eating.

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What is Frodo eating? :-)

Actually, my initial reaction to the question was “Because he can.”

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Dog food.

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Frodo said the same about yours.

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@chyna Was he talking to Jessie again?

I guess it vengeance for being given kibble to eat!

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Yes, he and Jessie talk quite a bit. She doesn’t tell me everything he says, but apparently they compared notes on their human farts.

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Stop smelling the dog’s arse.

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@ragingloli One doesn’t have to get terribly close.

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We have 5 cats in our household and they can lay claim to some nasty farts also.

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@Bluefreedom I’ve never had that pleasure.

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(Smelling other dogs asses are how they identify each other. The stronger the smell, the more identifiable the animal.)

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@Bluefreedom I was going to mention that cat farts have to be equally as bad, if not worse. I’ve smelled cat farts that could almost literally make your eyes water.

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@janbb You have some recent examples?? Can you send me one…what a great practical joke at the in-laws Thanksgiving dinner.


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@janbb count your blessings. If you have a doubt that it’s real (as I did), watch the people moving normally on the upper left of the screen. LMAO

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Dogs generally eat a largely meat and meat by-product diet. Cats have to eat meat. They cannot survive on vegetable protein alone, whereas dogs can so long as they receive a large amount of vegetable protein. With a few exceptions like garlic, onions, baked beans and such; human vegetarians and vegans are less smelly. Sadly, out four footed friends can’t avail themselves of that solution to stink-fart. So they just develop thick skins and feign inability to even understand our complaints about the stench they raise.

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I read this in the voice of Groucho Marx, not sure why though.

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Because of their diet… dog food contains a lot of carbs that they don’t need and don’t completely digest, producing gas. I feed a raw diet with no grains(except for their treats) and they hardly ever clear the room. (Their poo is much less odoriferous than kibble-fed dogs’, too.) My husband feeds his dog kibble with some raw added, and his dog is definitely more stinky than the others. OTOH, my cat Finny eats grain-free kibble, and has earned the full name Phineas T. Barnsmell. His farts are definitely worse than the dogs’!!

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I’ve a puppy, he once ate a whole lot of off quail eggs (I keep birds) he made the garage a no go zone because he farted in there, his breath smelt terrible and he wondered why no one wanted to be near him,

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As a side note, I never met a dog that would not eat cat crap. What would your gas pass smell like if you ate cat crap?

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<——-Does this look like the face of a poop eater @ibstubro? NOOOO.

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@chyna. I will NOT back down from my answer. Dogs are notorious cat crap cravers.

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My dog has never eaten cat crap, then again we don’t have a cat, How cute is my pupsies!!!

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My dog growled at my friend when he came close when Frodo was trying to eat his own vomit. I guess that’s one reason dog farts smell!

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(I hope @janbb‘s dog didn’t vomit cat crap!)

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@IheartMypuppy Oh my, that is one amazingly cute puppy.

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Typical human deflection. Blaming the family pooch for the pater familias’ poot goes back to Roman times during pre-Christian smorgasbords that involved heavy drinking and feasting and other heathen activities which probably included unsanctioned coupling as well.

The dog being a most noble and virtuous creature has borne the blame in humble silence for centuries and unable to defend itself from the malicious and arful charges must occasionally resort to fighting fire with fire. What else is a cunning canine to do, I ask you?

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“Doggie fart, gladdens my heart”

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