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Asked by Katniss (6641points) November 21st, 2013 from iPhone

Am I allowed to ask this? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a Jelly is male or female. Poor dxs, for example, always gets accused of being a girl.
I was thinking it would be helpful or at least interesting to know the age bracket, sex, and possibly the location of other Jelly’s, especially since we have so many new members.

Anybody game?

I’ll start. I’m not scared. lol


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40/ female/ Missouri

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Thank you for asking this. I have been curious too, but been too afraid to ask.

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@KNOWITALL and @Katniss from your pictures/posts I would have never guess you were in your 40’s

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28/ female/ Connecticut

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67 / male / North Carolina

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24 / female / South Carolina

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47 googolplex years old(36 from birth certificate) / Male /Canada

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Age: 9¾
Sex: Yes please
Location: Living room-Sofa-Home

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27/M/VA, but I’m from Oregon.

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Oh boy. This is never an easy question for me. The A and L are easy; I’m 47 (as of yesterday) and British.

I’m male, but I was born female and I’m about ¾ through the transition process.

I am also very surprised that @KNOWITALL is 40. I would have guessed at under 30 for sure. Also @Adirondackwannabe is older than I thought too.

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53/ 100% blonde, blue eyed female/California lol

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25/Female/Currently a Florida resident but was born in Africa and have lived in a few different places.

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Boston, MA

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57/Female/Alexandria, VA (i.e. the rational part of the state); born & raised in R.I.

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52, redacted: no one here thinks that is important anymore, the belief is there should be just people, California

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<—- I’m jonsblond, not @Blondesjon. Blondesjon is my husband. Many people get us confused. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to tell us two apart.

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People still ask this?
Almost expecting to hear the dial-up modem sound.

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@Nimis Obviously. lol It’s a classic.
Now answer the damn question.

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@uberbatman Thank you!! :0)

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Everyone always acts surprised when they learn my age.

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52 . m . IL-MO

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57 M Concord, California.

ASL is also the American Sign Language, which is the dominate sign language in the United States. I prefer SEE sign (Signing Exact English).

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@downtide Don’t sweat it. I get that all the time. I refuse to grow up.

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53/female/New Zealand

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I think we all know H_C’s sex. It’s on his profile after all…and just about every question he asks makes it clear he’s a dude.

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@Nimis Here you go.

Buffalo, NY

I like that everyone who has posted from New York state has made sure to specify that they are not in New York City.

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wv, is that wackville?

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^To some it is.

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@chyna I just watched this. Wackville is correct. I’m so happy they haven’t corrupted you. ;)

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^One of our best.~

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Late 40s, female, NJ

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26/ female/ DC area

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29/ female, I guess / NY

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28/f/western Massachusetts

@filmfann I also thought of American Sign Language at first.

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First please accept my sincere apology everyone. I always tell myself not to give out too much information on the net for the sake of safety. But now I’ve come to realize that Fluther isn’t like many sites out there. People are so friendly. Moreover, no one seem to be deceiving each other. That’s what I particularly like about Fluther.

So now I decide to give out my real profile:

P.S: I said I was sorry :(

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46 / F / WV Not close enough to hang out with @chyna, though. :(

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@Katniss I’m not trying to withhold personal information. Just that there are much more interesting ways to ask this question. :)

@amujinx Brings back memories!

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27, 28 in a month / Female / Tampa, Florida, USA, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Sol, Orion-Cygnus Arm, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster

so @ragingloli can find me if they would like to

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33 / Female / Dubai (Indian expat in Dubai)

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27 female Alaska

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Oh belated happy birthday @downtide

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@filmfann 57 M Concord, California
Holy smokes Bullwinkle, I could have passed you on BART or at the mall and never knew it!?

@livelaughlove21 I think we all know H_C’s sex. It’s on his profile after all…and just about every question he asks makes it clear he’s a dude.
I am not trying to hide it; by the usual commentary more than a few seem to think gender distictions should go the way of T-Rex. ;)

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Hi @answerjill! Long time, no see.

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Another person I haven’t seen in a while. Good to see you, @answerjill!

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Thanks, guys!

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60¾, Male, Florida/Dominica

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@Espiritus_Corvus I’m amused that you’re still counting in fractions

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@downtide Every day counts, bro.

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Yea, there’s a lot of east coasters here. We should all meet in the Appalachians.

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That would be cool.

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Why don’t we all just take over the old Biltmore Mansion in Asheville for a week.? There should be enough room for everyone. We could get the ultimate group rate. We could get them to open the rooms for us and bring in adequate service staff, including a full kitchen and we could live out a late Victorian – Belle Epoch fantasy. We would have sumptuous breakfasts on the balcony off the library overlooking the mountains, luncheon in the Winter Garden (solarium/arboretum), dine in the main gallery or library, cognac and coffee in the den. Enormous stone hearths, cavernous halls and ceilings, and paneled rooms that make the Citizen Kane set look like a cheap motel. This place is the ultimate Dark House Set. There is horseback riding, biking, hiking and kayaking along the nearby streams and mountain trails, or one could spend the whole week exploring the house, grounds and vineyards. They are quite proud of their wine. We could have wine tastings, films, and anything we want. How cool would that be?

Don’t mind me. I think I just need a little shoretime.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I could seriously use some shoretime.

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@Espiritus_Corvus All I know about the Biltmore mansion I learned from watching the movie, “Being there” staring Peter Sellers.

Count me in. But, head’s up? Don’t be surprised if some members come prepared for an insurrection when they attempt to to evict us.

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Yeah. We’ll just buy the damned place. Make this the IRL Fluther “mansion” everybody goes to when they reach 10,000 lurve. The place is beautiful.

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10,000 is too much! I just reached 5,000 and I believe that’s plenty.

It’s probably big enough for all. We’ll just make the newbies live with the servants and help with the chores. There’s sure to be suites for the 10,000+ crowd!

Well have to check the place out and create new lurve rewards. Private bath, view, etc. Surely 5,000 will at least earn me a sitting room adjoining the bedroom! lol

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50ish, F, somewhere in the plains states where echoes go to die.
@PhiNotPi, you didn’t surprise me. I’ve guessed the ages of nearly everyone I’ve seen posting, and I find I wasn’t far off on any. @Katniss is kind of funny though, because her profile picture is younger, but she talks older a lot. Not always. We’ve all been 9¾ on here sometimes. giggle smirk

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67/M/So Cal.

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50+ googolplex years old (36 by birth certificate) / Male / Canada

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Isn’t 50 Googolplex considerably longer than the universe has existed?

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@Seek_Kolinahr I repeated most of it… until I get it right. I have problems letting go of my regret. From failing in university and letting the one woman get away. Every time I have a two week flashback I add an other googolplex.

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Time is relative.~

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54 now.

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@Brian1946 Did you get to know I’m a Vietnamese through this thread?

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I think I guessed that you’re Vietnamese from some of your other posts, starting with the one where you said that you lived in something like a military camp.

However, your quip in this thread confirms it.

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@Coloma Were you born on a leap year?

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@dxs Are you saying you believe @Coloma to be 216 years young??

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