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Would anyone like to list a few great computer games?

Asked by khajuria (255points) December 2nd, 2013

I am in search of a few horror computer games with a good story-line component. Care to opine?

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I like Tetris, Sims, Cats and Dogs and F1.

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Tetris, Sims and all others you mentioned are not horror games.

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Spec Ops: The Line is well worth a look.Its partly based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (which was also the basis for Apocalypse Now and what starts out looking like a very generic action shooter soon ends up in a very dark place.

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I was answering the initial question.

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Okay. Anyway, thanks Lorna.

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‘The Call of Cthulhu: the Dark Corners of the Earth’. (If you don’t mind older games that might show their age a little.)

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Darth, I have already played this one. Know any new?

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@khajuria No, can’t really say that I do. Not much of a PC gamer really.

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The Dead Space series is all quite good, though 1 and 2 are more horror than 3, I think.

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Dead Space 1 is excellent (2 and 3 not as great but maybe worth a look).

FEAR 1 and 2 are also well worth playing.

The Tomb Raider reboot may not be your classic “horror game” but certainly has a story line that wouldn’t be out of place in a horror novel (young na├»ve girl forced to do terrible things to survive).

Alan Wake.

Siren: Blood Curse if you have a PS3.

Metro 2033 and Last Night as well as the Stalker games.

Catherine has a definite horror undertone.

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The Last of Us.

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My favorite is Rome, Total War Barbarian Edition and of course SIM City. :)

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Dejavu , Shadow gate, Uninvited, Maniac Mansion.

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EVE Online isn’t really horror per-say, but it will make you terrified when you’re warp scrambled in a transport ship carrying everything you own and a small gang of player pirates are about to blow you up and take your stuff. It’s a very dark sci-fi universe with rich lore and backstory in a player-driven sandbox. It’s really unlike any other game out there, although it has a massive learning curve.

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You might want to keep your eyes open for The Evil Within

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Amnesia, The Dark Descent – you can’t fight, and every monster can kill you. You have to run away from them and hide while your toon freaks out (you can also die of fright if you let the monsters get too close!) Very atmospheric, one of the few really scary games I’ve ever seen.

Penumbra is a series I’ve heard good things about but not played.

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@gorillapaws Isn’t EVE Online basically just about cutthroat capitalism taken to an extreme?

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Dark souls is also worth a look. The horror basically comes from the fact that just about everything can kill you if you’re not careful, you’re given very little clue as to which way should go and just when you relax you’ll walk into a giant monster.

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@Darth_Algar Yes and no. It’s a sandbox with very few rules imposed, so players can lie, cheat, steal, betray, etc. without the developers policing player behavior. There are a few things that will get you in trouble such as threatening violence, harassing other players, exploiting a flaw in the code, botting, and selling in-game currency for real money outside the official mechanism.

Nearly everything is produced by players, and sold in the market. Some players make insane fortunes buying/selling stuff and/or buying in one area where it’s cheap and transporting it to another area where it’s expensive to sell. When someone blows up your ship, you have to buy another one and you loose everything you had on it. Real world economists often use the market in EVE for doing studies. So in that sense it has a lot of pure dog-eat-dog capitalism.

There are areas of space that player run corps (like a clan or guild) can claim as their own sovereign territory, and some of them have tens of thousands of members. One of the interesting things that has naturally arisen from this is that a kind of “feudal socialism” has emerged within some of the largest coalitions. The collective taxes help pay for the cost of replacement ships when lost in combat defending their territory.

There are other groups that have emerged to help each other as well. There is a huge training corp that helps new players learn the game called Eve University as one example. So it’s not all throat-cutting and capitalism-gone-wild. People tend to form tight social bonds with people in their corp, working together for mutual benefit.

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