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How do I find vacation spots that match my criteria?

Asked by wesley837 (163points) December 5th, 2013

I’m not sure how to go about finding a good vacation spot that has everything I’m looking for. Any good research resources would be great, tv shows, websites, magazines, message boards, etc. Also any suggestions of a place you think match my list is also welcome:
1. somewhere tropical, love beaches and warm weather
2. somewhere not in the US, never been outside of north america yet
3. somewhere not too crowded, not too busy
4. somewhere safe
5. and somewhere with good food. i’m a pretty picky eater. like japanese, chinese, italian, korean bbq. don’t care for mexican, indian, anything exotic.
6. my ideal vacation day would be to wake up and go surfing/snorkling/ maybe hiking, relax read a book or something, at night there would be a city within driving distance where we can find and try really good food to eat.

does a place like this even exist? how can i go about finding places that have at least some of these attributes? thanks for the help!

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I’ll assume you mean during the winter months in the northern hemisphere.

Do you not want to go to Mexico since you mention the food? Most vacation spots in MX have all sorts of food. In fact Xcaret comes to mind near Cancun.

You might want to take a cruise. All sorts of food, beaches, stop in a place that has a port near a major city.

Many of the Carribean islands have hills and mountains, snorkeling, beaches. If you go to the USVI you don’t have to worry about Passports I don’t think, unless they changed things since I have been there.

if you have no limits regarding time and money, Australia would probably meet your needs also.

A little closer than Australia is Hawaii.

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New Zealand, Samoa, The Virgin Islands, The Bahamas

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If “not North America” is the criteria, Hawaii. Probably Kauai or Lanai would fit the bill.

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The French Riviera might be good too, depending upon when you are going.

Again, depending upon what season your are planning your trip, Malta might be good.

Or even Italy

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Puerto Rico is close, tropical, and you don’t need a passport! (Assuming you’re American.)

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Europe. Canary Islands. Or in June or September-October (less crowdy, warm weather and sea water): Formentera, ES.

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