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What can I use as a replacement for nuts in a rum ball recipe?

Asked by Aethelwine (41368points) December 7th, 2013

This is a similar recipe that I’ll be using, but my husband needs to avoid nuts (diverticular disease). What would be a good replacement?

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I forgot to mention that I usually add the finely chopped nuts in the ball mixture. I don’t roll the ball in the nuts like the recipe suggests.

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How about simply making two batches, one without the nuts? It seems a simple recipe and quite delicious without the nuts.

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Coarsely chopped pretzels might work. Get some gluten free ones.

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cartilage? should have similar consistency

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Maybe graham cracker crumbs?

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@chyna GA. That should work.

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I just roll them in powdered sugar but any candied fruit or sprinkles would work.

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Why not just use nuts? Patients with diverticular disease are frequently advised to avoid nuts, corn, popcorn and seeds to reduce the risk of complications but there is very little evidence to support this recommendation. In fact, most studies looking at nut consumption in people with diverticular disease found that nut eaters had fewer complications than those who avoided them.

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I’d make two batches like @gailcalled suggested.

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And make sure he takes care of that. It can be really mean JB.

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@Lightlyseared He had part of his colon removed over 10 years ago due to an infected pouch that ruptured. The same thing almost happened to him again this past Spring. We spent our anniversary in the ER. He had been eating nuts daily at lunch for several months beforehand. He doesn’t want to take any chances now, so he’s avoiding nuts to be safe.

Great suggestions everyone. Thank you!

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If you need something a bit bulky in the mixture, maybe coconut would work. Another option is the mini chocolate chips.

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You can buy fake nuts at any health food store. We used to eat them (for unknown reason) when I was a kid, and they were good. Guess that’s why we ate them!

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What about rice crispies (like you find in a Nestle’s crunch)? Alternatively, I would try oats.

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You can just leave out the nuts and use mini chocolate chips or just increase the amount of vanilla wafer crumbs by the same amount of nuts that you plan to omit.

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You guys are making me so hungry.

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Graham crackers, as @chyna suggested – or how about a sweet cereal, like Rice Krispies or Cheerios or something?

Dammit @jonsblond… asking a question about balls and nuts in General. You’re killing me here.

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I used crushed pretzels. I think I liked it better than the balls with crushed nuts. My balls were a bit dry, but delicious!

@glacial Joking about balls and nuts is topical, dammit. Moderation isn’t as bad as it used to be I believe @asmonet referenced Schwetty balls in the first answer that was removed.

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