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Would the world be ready to accept aliens from another planet, if they did exist?

Asked by JimTurner (1370points) December 11th, 2013

We all have heard the stories and seen many movies of Extra-Terrestrial life. Little Green Men, The Blues. The Grays and so on.

If in fact there are aliens and they purposely wanted to be seen would you freak out or would you be able to take them in stride?

Would you be able to accept them into your home and offer them a hot cup of oil and some steel bars for lunch if that is what they needed to survive?

If they asked to put their finger in the wall socket would you be okay with that?

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Dont think so.. we cant even accept each other in many instances..

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Yes, I think that people are a lot more adaptable than our governments give them credit for. Most could deal with it although I would hazard a guess that there would be an inherent (for lack of a better term) speciel (as is species) bias.

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I’m down with them, they have to better than some of these humans we’re stuck with. Plus Thor is HAWT!!!

Is this about the Mars satellite? Exciting!!

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The world? No. Me, likely; especially if they will trade some mundane household chores for that lunch.

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@KNOWITALL It seems we have been trained to be afraid of the unknown. I was wondering if if the unknown was known and actually true how would humans react.

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@JimTurner I have found that the unknown is often preferable to the known in my life. Of course if they sprouted 5 inch fangs and started chowing down I may change my opinion- lol

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It depends on whether or not they started using high tech weapons to destroy the White House or something.

It would not hurt if the Alien females (assuming they had females) were hot.

If they started asking for money, it wouldn’t work.

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Accept them? They would be mobbed and their very existence threatened by governments, not to mention corporations eager to acquire their technology. In fact it makes perfect sense that aliens would hide their existence from a society where utilization of force is the norm in the interests of power and profit.

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If they were hostile, it might be the only thing to unite all the different races here.

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Maybe if they landed in canada

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They’d be immediately harassed by the Facebook brigade desperate to post selfies & inane comments like, “omg ET just hugged me…roflmao yolo”
Poor fucking aliens would be overwhelmed with the banality of these morons & wipe them all out on general principle.

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Only as their masters or slaves. Apes will never see non-apes as equal. They still do not even see all members of their own species as equal.

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Are you kidding? We Earthlings can’t even accept others on our own planet !!!

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Yes a sad state of affairs. Like @LostInParadise said we may only unite if we had a common enemy.

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Forget about sending the Marines; the paparazzi would kill them. And later, the attorneys would mop up what was left.

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The Hawks in Congress would want to bomb them, VP Biden would lalk them to death, Paul Ryan would try to cut off any funding to study them, and Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz… heck, they wouldn’t even recognize they were aliens.

But at least President Obama would want to shake their hands

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As long as they’re not Muslims it will be fine.

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@LostInParadise That’s certainly what Reagan thought.

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Depends, I’m pretty open minded. And do they have good music? If they don’t or if they try to kill me I might get pissed.

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HAHAH! Yeah right. We can’t even accept other religions, or opposing viewpoints! We’d fucking kill ourselves before accepting an alien.

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@Staalesen <— Yeah. What he said. Or she. Or they. That one, there. Yeah.

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