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Have you ever tried to distort your perceptions by imposing self-created beliefs onto yourself?

Asked by khajuria (255points) December 18th, 2013

Why did you do it? And did it help you out in some way? How did you feel afterward? And what did it take to revisit back to the previous you?

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What do you mean by “self-created beliefs”?

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Some thing which you choose to believe to be true .

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To have an honest and fully fair pictures of one’s own capabilities and contribution is a sure sign of being depressed.

I chose to ignore my mistakes an short comings, every now and then, else I’d end up hating myself.

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Maybe I’m strange, but I don’t choose to believe anything, and I certainly don’t know how to wilfully lie to myself. Maybe this is a hindrance.

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If you mean do I deliberately lie to myself, then the answer is no. That is evasion. Evasion is immoral.

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I’d have to put a lot of time into a specific response; but I’m supposed to be in the shower now… I am sure that there was some degree of delusional thinking during my first 40 years of life during which I believed I was unlovable and unworthy of happiness due to childhood abuse. That was the former me – which developed out of the environment into which I was born. Reparenting myself was (and continues to be) quite the challenge.

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I would like to think that I am truthful with myself and others but since I am open minded I allow myself to change.

Even reading some posts on Fluther have at times made me think differently about some subjects.

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I have always been my own person, I do not buy into any beliefs without knowing, on a deep, intrinsic, level that they somehow serve me or the greater good. I have always been a free thinker and to hell with the rest. lol

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I’ve convinced myself that it’s ok to keep smoking because I have good “cancer genes.” I know deep down that my reasoning is crap but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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Well sure, like divorce is not an option for me? It’s legal, some Christians believe in it, but in my area ‘good’ families don’t do divorce, so my self-imposed rule is that marriage is forever.

It helps me by not giving me or hubs an option other than to work thing’s out and fix the issues.

If it came to the point I was in mortal danger or something like that, I’d be capable of a divorce, but that’s not how I choose to live my life.

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