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How often to you get a physical? Or even a CAT Scan?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) December 19th, 2013

What is advisable? I want to get checked out thoroughly.

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I have not seen a doctor in a decade.

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Physical—once a year.

CAT scan—only when ordered by doctor.

Same for my cat.

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If it’s been more than a year since a complete physical, schedule one now.

What gets checked in a physical is usually dictated by age and circumstance, unless there is something specific that is bothering you. If you’re over fifty, for instance, you’ll get advised to schedule a colonoscopy. Over forty, they’ll probably do an EKG on you. Over thirty they might do a digital prostate exam.

CAT scans are not part of a checkup; they are for use in helping to diagnose a compliant or a symptom.

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I haven’t had a physical since I was seeing a pediatrician nearly 8 years ago. I have one scheduled for today. I’ve never had a CT scan.

I honestly think yearly physicals are a waste of time. Blood pressure, heart, lungs, ears, throat, temperature – that’s all fine and dandy, but no blood work or anything? My husband had a physical a couple of weeks ago and he was in and out in 15 minutes.

I’m actually having some issues that I’m not sure warrant a doctor’s visit, so I figured I’d go ahead and get a physical done for the hell of it and mention my issues while I’m there. I’m hoping he’ll order a CT scan of my head, but I doubt it.

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Annual physical
CAT scan is a lot of radiation. Radiation is cumulative. Use sparingly and with caution.

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I lied. I’ve had two CT scans when I was a teen. I was having weird migraines.

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Physical once a year,

Can’t remember ever having a CAT scan but have had a couple of MRI’s on Doc’s request.

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CT scan? I am so fucking pissed the ER scanned me pelvis to the top of my head when I was in my accident a year and a half ago! Pissed is another way of saying I am extremely upset, I could almost cry about it, that they dosed me with that radiation. I would never never had agreed to the scan of my stomach and pelvis, which was absolutely fine, no reason to even want to scan it. My neck and chest did need the scan, and I had no idea they were scanning all of me until I got the bill amd saw the reports. 20 years, YEARS of background radiation in less than a minute from those scans I am so upset, sorry to rant.

Regular physicals? I go to the GYN for a regular check up once a year. I avoid the GP/Internists for a few reasons. 1. I haven’t had great luck with them, and 2. Sick people are in their offices. I do see an endocrinologist minimum twice a year and a lot of my basics that a GP would test are taken care of there. Cardiologist once every 5 years. Colonscopy every 5–7 years. Probably I should start seeing a GP more regularly soon as I get older, not sure. I need to find out what they test usually and see if everything is being covered anyway with my other doctors. A GP that focuses on cardiac would be good for me in the furture I think.

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I do a yearly wellness exam w. PCP, a yearly mammogram and a visit to oncologist’s and eye doc every two years. Had a CAT scan once, in 2004 after a bad fall. I did have 3 x-rays of my knee recently due to replacement and an abscess.

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Yearly physicals. I’ve had at least 5 CT scans the past 18 months due to a lung disease that I have. This doesn’t include all of the x-rays I’ve also had during this time.

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I forgot about the eye doctor. Now I try to go every 12–15 months. When I was younger I never went (except when I was in my early 30’s I went once because I knew my sight had changed so I went and got a pair of glasses, and one other time I went in my late 30’s because my eyes were bothering me) but glaucoma runs in my family, so once I hit 40 I became more regular about it.

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Physical… HAHAHAHA. I’m poor. The ER is my doctor.

My mom had a brain tumor that was about the size of a lemon removed. My sister gets brain scans every few years now since they found something in her head that could lead to what my mom had. The doctor said genetics could be involved.

I haven’t been checked. Once again, poor.

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Lately I’ve been getting a physical once a year, although I did go a couple years without one not that long ago. I probably don’t need one every year, the worst health issue I’ve ever had was a UTI back when I was 5. I’m not on any medication, etc. But I just like to check in, that’s all.

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My doctor has me in every six months, if not sooner. I think she’s just seeing if I’m still kicking. She has my family history and my record of all the stuff I’ve done to myself. What’s the difference between a CAT scan and an MRI?

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MRI is magnetic imaging and CAT uses radiation.

“A CT Scan (or CAT Scan) and an MRI operate differently and are better suited for different types of diagnoses. An MRI suited for examining soft tissue, (e.g. ligament and tendon injury, spinal cord injury, brain tumors etc.) while a CT scan is better suited for bone injuries, lung and chest imaging, and detecting cancers. CT scans are widely used in emergency rooms because the procedure takes less than 5 minutes. An MRI, on the other hand, can take up to 30 minutes.

An MRI typically costs more than a CT scan. One advantage of an MRI is that it does not use radiation while CAT scans do. This radiation is harmful if there is repeated exposure.” Source

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Once a year complete physical. Now the doctor is saying that if no bad results paps need only be done every third year and mammograms every fifth year, but I’m still researching that.

Never had a CT scan as an adult.

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I’ve had an MRI, but never a CAT Scan. That’s probably why they stopped part way in and asked if I knew I had a piece of metal in my head. I didn’t.

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^^ What was it? Had you been abducted by aliens ever?

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It looks like a small nail or a part of a fence staple over my right eye. But there’s no scar or marks. Maybe it is an alien tracking device. I just don’t recall the abduction.

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I get a regular physical once per year. I call my GP as issues come up, if necessary. I’ve never had a CAT scan, and would prefer never to need one. My understanding is that these are more common in Europe than in North America for what we would term minor complaints, though perhaps some European jellies will correct me on that.

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When the ACA gets here. And maybe not…

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