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Is Google Voice robust enough to use daily as a work contact #?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) December 20th, 2013 from iPhone

If I get a job that I am applying for, I will have to use a personal cell phone (with reimbursement) for my work-related cell phone service. My current cell plan is only 450 minutes/month but it includes a grandfathered plan for unlimited data (at a price you can’t get anymore from a major carrier), which I will lose if I tinker with my plan. Would you recommend using Google Voice as a work contact # or getting a second cell phone for work or something else?

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Google Voice is amazing. I have been using it since 2006 (when it was called GrandCentral). But a) it isn’t voip – it uses your minutes of your phone, and b) it works best on Android – I can see you posted this via iPhone.

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It is a bit dodgy on iOS. I’m not sure if I would trust it if work is involved. But it is great for ordering a pizza. For example I have gotten about ten missed calls from my mom in the last few months.

And welcome back.. I have missed your big bald head.

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I’ve used Google Voice since it was Grand Central, before Google bought it. It’s the only number I give people. Nobody knows my actual cell number and I gave up my home phone years ago.

It won’t save you cell phone minutes when using your mobile. It doesn’t use WiFi to make calls. It uses your cell minutes.

It can save you money using your computer as a phone. I do this a lot and the call quality is great.

Also, you can make and take calls using a landlline, with normal landline phone quality.

I use my Google Voice number all three ways on a typical day – 1) using my cell phone, 2) a computer headset and 3) the landline at work.

People on the other end have no idea. They just think it’s my cell phone.

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Huh… I thought calls came and went over cell data. Sounds like it’s not the best solution. Thanks, all!

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If the job requires use of the phone, shouldn’t they provide the phone service? Crazy.

I only use Google Voice to give a number out for shoppers rewards cards and crap like that.

I got a 10ยข credit when I signed up for Google Voice, and there it still sits – no one above has mentioned if they charge you to make outgoing calls, on top of the cell minutes.

I still have the original AT&T iPhone unlimited package, and my rollover minutes have got to be insane… I don’t look at my statements, though. They do still have the rollover, yes?

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Google Voice calls within the US and Canada are free,

Calls to elsewhere vary.

For example:
$0.02/minute to landlines in France and the UK and mobiles in India
$0.10/minute to most UK mobile phones

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@hearkat, that’s what I have. The rollover minutes expire after a year, I think. Or maybe with a contract renewal. I know mine have reset in the past.

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I just discovered another possibility for this question.

Republic Wireless has cheap plans partly because, when possible, calls are routed over Wifi instead of the cell network. They say the phone automatically switches between wifi and cell calls for you.

I would check it out.

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