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Can you suggest any sites for torrent requesting?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14757points) December 26th, 2013

Recently I want to find some torrents for some comics but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I think I have to request for those torrents myself. Do you know any sites for torrent requesting?

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You can go on comment threads for other, similar comic torrents and ask the uploader (after thanking them for the torrent, of course) if they own the comic you want and to scan and upload it. Sometimes (rarely) they will do it, or another commenter will respond and point you to an already-existing torrent.

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There are some good forums that the actual sites, I think ThePirateBay has one, never used any though.

This is one aspect of torrenting I like, being able to preserve old things that might not be common.

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I know of a site that is dedicated to comics that probably has what you want. Unfortunately you have to be interviewed to be considered for acceptance.

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If you can manage to get an invite to What.CD you will more than likely find what you’re looking for there. They have a pretty extensive comic book collection. The requests on that site work really well too because it puts a bounty on that file so it gives an incentive for others to upload the torrent.

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Uber.. Where is the comic section on what? I looked and couldn’t find it.

If Mimishu1995 sends me a PM with what they want I could look and e-mail it to them if they have it.

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I thought What was for music only – do they have more? I don’t suppose anyone is offering invitations…

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I thought it was music only too.

Shit.. Found the Comics section. 10802 of them….......

Edit: Glacial: I have no invites. I got mine from the batman above around a year ago. I think they only go by interviews on IRC now.

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@johnpowell I didn’t think it was that hidden :P

@glacial I’ve been on What for a little over 2 years now and in that time have only received one invite which was given out randomly during some free leech token thing they had. If I ever get another I’ll let you know.

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In my defense. I am stupid..

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I know the feeling….

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Thanks, uber!

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