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Does the human body favor drinking hot-warm drinks versus frozen-cold beverages?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 11th, 2014

As asked!

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I was told that it takes energy to cool down or warm up liquids that are consumed, and that drinks at body temperature are absorbed faster.

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Probably it prefers lukewarm or naturally warm or cool. We weren’t made for hot liquids or very cold ones, but I love both.

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Seems obvious that the body would seek liquids to counteract the outside influence. Body want hot in winter, cool in summer?

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My body likes it hot. My teeth hate the cold.

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I’ve heard drinking hot beverages with food is healthier than drinking cold beverages with food. Source is missing, so I can’t explain why. I’ve also heard that it’s best to drink cold beverages if you are cold because then the body will try to heat it up and the same goes for hot beverages when you’re hot.

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I’m pretty much in agreement with @ibstubro.

It also does make a little sense to me that very cold water might tighten the muscles of the upper digestive track a little, but it is so momentary, because the body warms up the liquid so fast, that I doubt it is worth considering. But, it does seem tepid or room temp water would be easiest for the body to immediately absorb. That’s just from guessing, I don’t have medical information on it.

@tups The idea that drinking cold when cold and hot when hot makes no sense. If the body was good at keeping you warm enough, it simply would be without a drink to coax it. Drink a hot coffee and you feel warmer, especially if you start off warm.

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I don’t like really cold drinks; like @Seek_Kolinahr my teeth can’t take the cold. (I hate getting drinks at restaurants, there’s always so much ice; and salads are usually so cold I can’t eat them!)
In cold weather I drink a lot of hot drinks, various teas mostly. It feels like my body likes it, nice and cozy.

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Your body burns more calories when drinking cold water. That is why when you are in a survival situation you should warm up you water first.

But since none of us are in a survival situation, whether water is warm or cold shouldnt have any relivancy in our modern day lives.

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I would love to hear an answer from a biologist, because I would really like to know if you can hurt yourself with a brain freeze.

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Your every little WISH !


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