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If the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?

Asked by ISmart (141points) January 15th, 2014

hummm.. things that make you go hummm..

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USS Enterprise, of course.

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Encircling the stage!

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They walked out and demanded their money back.

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Reminds me of Shakespeare’s quote from “As You Like It”.
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances.

So here The world is a stage, the drama played on the stage is our life where we the people enter through birth, play our parts, and exit through death. So here we are the audience and performers.

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@Smitha I agree with you. Then God will be the audience.

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On their respective butts.

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A little bit up wind of the big farty man.

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In our heads… always.

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The Greek Gods on Olympus.

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Theater in the round.

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We are the audience as well

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At home on the couch watching a broadcast of the stage.

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The world is certainly MY stage. I’m a comedienne at heart, oh boy was I on a roll yesterday I had people all over the place laughing from the grocery store to the walking/biking trail I walk.
My material just kept materializing effortlessly.

Best subject of the day, the old pervey guy that walks the trail in his neon blue speedo sumo wrestler briefs with the diaper flappy in the back.
I don’t walk softly and carry a big stick for nothing. Forget dogs and mountain lions, the scariest animal on these trails is geezer in a speedo.

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It’s all audience participation. Or, for Millennials, interactive.

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Anywhere and everywhere.

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The Bermuda Triangle. The audience, coincidentally, wasn’t there for very long…...poof!

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They’re sitting on your destiny

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