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Do you drink Energy drinks?

Asked by flip86 (6175points) January 16th, 2014

What is your preferred brand? I drink Monster.

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No. I never understood the existence of these things. It’s as though coffee was never invented.

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I’ve never tried one but they smell horrible to me. They’re also horrible for you. But I still want to taste one out of curiosity.

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Advocare Spark.

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Never, I don’t like the taste at all, and, being an “older” person, I don’t want to have a heart attack. I’ll stick to my morning coffee and a diet pepsi for a little extra boost.
My daughter loves them, drinks Rock Stars and Go Girls.

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@dxs They are an acquired taste. They are very tart at first but that is what separates them from soda. I love them.

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Not anymore. They’re way worse than coffee.

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I had a fleeting fascination with Bawls. It tasted like thick Fresca. The Bawls caffeinated mints were pretty neat, too.

But really, I’m a coffee girl.

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No, they’re not healthy, but I have tasted the Blueberry Bull and it’s really good, especially with a little vodka. ;)

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I like the taste of sugar free Red Bull but I haven’t had one in a year or two. My dad, a diabetic, drinks the ones made by Mountain Dew (not sure what it’s called) – as if the soda doesn’t have enough sugar. Blech! I’ve never tried the others and don’t really have the desire to.

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Nah. I like the taste of Redbull and Guru, but I enjoy the taste of coffee way more haha. Plus those drinks are way too expensive. Four bucks for a can of heart attack? Yay.

I tried Full Throttle once, and omg, gross. It has the consistency of mucus, every time I drank a gulp it felt like I was horking up snot from my nose and swallowing it.

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… uhhhhhh… Hummmm??? unh-unh. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Never. They taste gross, and no telling what they are doing to your body. They have enough sugar to put you in hypoglycemic shock and enough caffeine to turn you into a charging bull. Even if I was a long-haul truck driver, I would be afraid to drink one of these things.

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Only coffee

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No. I have a caffeine allergy.

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I drink coffee black without sugar or cream.i have never tried a energy drink and I probably never will.;

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@Skaggfacemutt I drink the low-carb or zero calorie versions. No sugar. I love the taste.

@livelaughlove21 The mountain dew energy drinks are called Amp. I drink them occasionally.

@Symbeline Energy drinks are only 2 bucks around my area. About the price of a cup of coffee.

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To me, they’re just a way way overpriced vehicle for caffeine. Plus nobody needs the food dyes they put in to get those dayglo colors. Blech.

Coffee is fine and I brew mine at home. A whole lot cheaper

For the price of 2–3 of those energy drinks I can buy a pound of really good quality (and good tasting) coffee which lasts a lot longer. Plus, coffee doesn’t come in dayglo colors; just natural brown :)

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@Buttonstc Coffee is good but it doesn’t give the kick that an energy drink does

As for the color, so what? There are plenty of other products with dyes that I’m sure you consume.

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I drank rockstar when I was renovating my house. It made me really dehydrated and I felt my natural energy being drained slowly. I don’t touch them now. Coffee is my drug of choice.

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No. If I want energy, I either drink coffee, tea or diet Coke.

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@flip86: ” Coffee is good but it doesn’t give the kick that an energy drink does”

What is this kick you talk about? Is it just caffeine? A medium Starbuck’s coffee has more caffeine (330 mg) than many or most energy drinks.

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@tom_g Starbucks is nasty. One of the worst coffees you could buy. I’d rather drink something that tastes good.

Why all the hate for energy drinks?

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Because I stopped drinking Kool-Aid when I was ten.

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@flip86: “Why all the hate for energy drinks?”

I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m not the target audience. But when energy drinks came on the market, I thought, “There’s no way they can pull this off, right? I mean, we have kids drinks and we have coffee. Are adults going to stop drinking coffee and start drinking kids drinks?” Well, I was wrong. I admit it.

So, yes – it could be simply a “get off my lawn” moment for me. Or it could be a legitimate exercise to question how we went from thinking of Hi-C and Kool-Aid as the shit, sugar beverages we would give up after childhood to suddenly consuming it (and the branding that goes along with it) without embarrassment.

And I fully admit that I don’t have the stats on this. Maybe energy drinks are only consumed by children. But when was the last time anyone thought giving Kool-Aid to children was ok?

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@tom_g Energy drinks taste good. Just about all the brands out there have low carb and zero sugar versions. I never drink the sugared kinds. Say what you will about artificial sweeteners, I don’t care.

Kids do not drink energy drinks if their parents are paying attention. They should be treated just like coffee and soda.

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Very rarely, like if I’m working nightshift and I get very tired since I’m not much of a coffee drinker. Stimulants of any type are too hard on my already bad enough nerves.

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I’m a Monster lover. I miss M-80!

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