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How did you pay your dues? How long did it take for them to pay off? Have I paid my dues yet?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) January 16th, 2014

Based on my previous question two weeks ago .I struggled to finish high school, and that works out to 12 years of schooling, three years of pre-school, and three years of post secondary. What is my reward, other than an piece of paper and a rejection letter from the military saying I need more physics and a drivers licence to me a medical technician in Canada. I even applied to be a Cook and nothing.

My university will welcome me back if I raise my English grade 12 mark by 5% from 65% to 70%. I missed the exam due date this winter so I will have to wait until summer school comes available.
I am currently living in a long term social housing (Homeless shelter that you can rent for the month… Sort of like the Y.M.C.A. )

I would like to find a way to contribute online…. seeing my attraction to Fluther and Answerbag. McDonalds won’t even hire me right now and I bought the $160 black boots to work for minimum wage.

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Doesn’t everyone that graduates high school go through at least 12 years of school? Senior year of high school is called “12th grade” for a reason. Graduating high school isn’t “paying your dues,” and neither is getting a 65% in an English course.

I’ve been through 18 years of school, I’ve graduated from college with a 3.7 GPA, and I’m just now beginning to pay my dues. Skating through school is the easy part.

I think you may have a bit of a sense of entitlement, like you’re owed something for not doing a whole lot of anything. You don’t deserve a “reward” for doing the same thing most people do. That attitude will get you nowhere.

Why do you need boots to work at McDonalds? Why did you choose to spend so much money on them? Why did you buy them before getting a job offer?

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@livelaughlove21 I thought I could use it in another job like A&W, or to go to weddings. I was told that I wouldn’t be hired unless I had black boots, I found some on a long journey in town and Bought them on impulse.

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@talljasperman Here’s a tip: don’t purchase overly expensive items for a job unless you have a job.

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@livelaughlove21 Thank you… I also purchased steel toe boots to have a manual labour job and I wasn’t hired and that god kept the receipt and I got a refund.

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I paid my dues by being in the same position for 10 years working for a boss that was a jerk. And he took credit for my performance.

Yet after a few years of that, others in the company recognized my contribution, and when my boss was fired for not doing what he needed to do, I was promoted to senior level in the corporation, reporting to the Chairman. I had paid my dues and was well rewarded.

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Ugh. Let me think about finishing college before I think about paying it back.
And you need a lesson on thriftiness. I can help you.

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@dxs Sure PM me on thriftiness.

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The teaching profession has its own system for paying dues built right in. Its called your first year. If you survive that, you’re good to go :)

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I started my job 15 years ago and I’m just now about where I want to be (and now they are talking layoffs…). I have spent my entire adult life in college and working full time. I did all this with help from just me and I. People who have paid their dues and had a plan generally don’t like to hear resentment from those who have not done so. It’s part aptitude, attitude, drive and work ethic with a little luck.

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From what I have read from you over my time here, it sounds like you have paid other kinds of dues. I don’t want to assume anything of course. But it sounds like your life has not been very easy. In fact, quite difficult.
I know you are trying to find your way in this world. I know you want to do something that you feel is important. Something that you find satisfying and perhaps a benefit to others.
I have no answers.
But I will say this. Don’t ever stop trying. You have a drive and a spark inside you. You keep
striving for more. Keep that up!

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Life isn’t easy, that’s for sure. Don’t give up on yourself. Just keep pushing forward.

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My mom worked 18 years at one position and the boss died yesterday… She made it to assistant manager and now is retired from over working her body. She and her boss are both finally free.

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