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Have you ever disliked (hate) something or someone, just because the Government, your religion , or a family member told you to do so?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15241points) January 19th, 2014

With all the fanatics out there today spreading their hate to anyone who will listen, just wondering if you dislike something or someone is it for your own reasons, or were you told to do so?

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One that comes to mind is the islamic fanatics, people seem to group all Islamists with these nut jobs, and that is not fair the true ones are not violent and just want to be left alone to their religion.
I try to get my own opinion before I dislike something what about you?

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Another one that comes to mind is the colour issue ,how many were just told to hate them ?
without forming their own opinion.

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I strongly dislike all forms of religion and I came to that conclusion all on my own. It started when I was 7 and went to Sunday school, even then I could see through the bullshit. The Jesus stories were ridiculous to me. “Walking on water?”, I thought, “Turning water to wine?”….“Coming back from the dead?” It all sounded silly to me. Not believable.

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@flip86 as log as you came to that conclusion all on your own ,power to ya.
Alot wont feel the same way,but as long as they came to their conclusion on their own power to them as well.

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I hope not, I suppose so, and I doubt I would know.

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Actually, I can’t think of my parents telling me to hate someone or something. The closest I can come is my grandparents not wanting to buy German products, and my parents weren’t really vocal about that, but they would have been reluctant to buy German when I was a child.

I don’t really listen to my religion at all, so that is a non-issue.

I guess our government hated the USSR during the cold war? I never felt I needed to hate Russia or the Russians though because if geopolitical reasons.

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No. I’m a big fan of thinking for myself.

As I tell my daughter, if someone tells you the sky is blue, go look for yourself.

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That’s a good question as we’re all susceptible to information coming from within out own personal “bubble.” I’ve been guilty of it from time to time but changed my mind later when more facts arose…

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Anybody can fall for information cascades. I used to myself, but I tend to think for myself these days. The proof is obviously in the pudding when both religionists and nontheists disagree with me, and when both progressives and conservatives frequently scold me too.

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As a religious person, I felt incapable of having personal respect for anyone who willfully disobeyed scripture.

I still regret a particular incident when a very dear friend asked me how I felt about gay people, and I honestly responded that I couldn’t respect a gay person who continued to live that lifestyle, knowing God considered it an abomination. He was trying to come out to me, and I didn’t even realise it, so stuck I was in sharing my ideology. I lost a friend that day.

I tracked him down years later, after my deconversion, and gave him my most heartfelt apology. He was warm and receptive, and granted me the acceptance of that apology, but I still regret treating him that way.

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