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Facial recognition on your smartphone - Have you ever gotten it to work consistently?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22419points) January 21st, 2014

My last two smart phones had facial recognition unlocking as an option (as opposed to a password or other mechanism). I never did get it to work consistently. It works maybe half the time.

Have any of you been successful?

(Note: Android is my phone OS of choice.)

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Honestly, from what I’ve heard, I think Facial Recognition on the Android device is not that useful. So I wouldn’t recommend using it.

I haven’t heard of anyone that has gotten it to work consistently.

It might be because of the way it works. For example if you did the facial recognition to start off in a bright room, then you do the facial recognition in a dark room or place, it will most likely not work.

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I have not used it but have heard many people having the same issue. Poor lighting like mentioned above is one of the main reason. In case you are wearing sunglasses or your hair or other objects partially cover your face then too it won’t work well.

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