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Is it really illegal for a firefighter to rescue someones sleeping in the buff?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) June 29th, 2008

Someone told me yesterday that if your house catches fire during the night and you are sleeping naked, it is illegal for a firefighter to pick you up and carry you out. She recommended that anyone who sleeps nude keep an outfit within reach. Is this true?

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I can comfortably say “no” without doing any research.

And if by some stretch of the imagination it is, I can assure you whatever obscure law this is traced back to is utterly and completely ignored by firefighters. They’re not going to leave you there to die because you’re naked.

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this is totally untrue. I am a firefighter. Though it is not illegal, we could actually be sued and held liable in civil court if we knew someone was in there and did not do everything in our scope of care to rescue that person.(considering our own safety first of course)

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Not true I have been a professional firefighter for 19 years. I might also add I have rescued a nude person before and a few semi-nude people. Victim clothing is optional when someone is being rescued. We don’t have time to wait for them to go get dressed for the rescue.

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I think you were on the net too long. I believe the answer is – They can’t rescue you if you’re nude and overweight or skinny and it’s night. If it’s daylight they have to wait until your house burns down, or get permission from the spouse to remove a nude from the scene. The rule of thumb is no grabbing love handles. You have been talking to way too many strange people. Love dad

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