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Single people: How do you moisturize your back?

Asked by janbb (51203points) January 26th, 2014

I want only the nice people to answer.

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I do not. I don’t wash it, either. It gets hit by running water in the shower and shampoo running off my long hair, and that does it.

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I rarely have my husband put lotion on my back so I will answer. I put lotion during the dry months as far on my back as my hand can go over my shoulder, and then also around my sides. The middle of my upper back gets partly missed. Sometimes during the winter I take a bath with oils in it, but rarely. I don’t bother when I am living in FL, just when I was up north. Oatmeal baths might help also, but I never really have tried those in a consistent way. You can pay for a treatment or message and you will be all lotioned up for a day, but the effects quickly wear off in a few days.

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Hahaha,,,,funny you asked because just the other night my back was feeling really dry and I used a long handled bath brush, slathered the flat side of the brush with lotion and spread it around on my upper back and shoulders. The lotion paddle. lol

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I have extremely dry skin and, obviously, it’s even worse during the winter. My ex-husband bought me one of these years ago and it really does work! He got tired of having to do the lotion applying every morning.

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I don’t but for Christmas my mom got my sister one of those back scrubbers with a long handle.

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I never had others apply lotion to my back – except sunscreen. I used to be flexible enough that I could slather my forearms with lotion and use them and my hands to apply lotion to my back. Now, my hair is very long so the conditioner from my hair runs down my back as I rinse the hair, so my back doesn’t get dry. Having my sweetie around to scrub my back is definitely a big perk to being coupled.

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Well. One simple way to go on about this situation would be (if you have no one to moisturize your back) simply try to go as far as your hands can reach your back. Other than that, you can’t exactly do much, except get someone else to do it for you. Or the complicated way, buy a bunch of lotion, fill only the floor of the bathtub with lotion, then lay down. But your back will seem to stay all wet from the lotion so I doubt that will be a good idea.

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I’m not single but it always seems my husband is either away or at work or busy when I feel dry and need some lotion, so I put velcro on the smooth side of my scrub brush and then I put some cotton swabs on it and make sure it is stuck pretty well. Then I put lotion all over it and spread it on my back and then throw the used swabs away. Only problem is it doesn’t go on very well but I usually just need it for any dry itchy spot and I manage to put enough lotion to rub it on where it is needed.

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I normally don’t moisturize my back. The balance is usually fine this winter it got dry though so I did break down and buy something similar to @hearkat but I ended up not using it and returning it. I just needed more moisture in the air. Simmered big pots of water whenever I was home. Added essential oils just fun.

But lately I have been seeing adds for aerosol lotion. That’s what I do for suntan and insect repellent. So it probably works.

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I got a long-handled applicator with a large sponge at the end of it from my Re-hab team when they discharged me. That’s one use for it. (Since Milo refuses to walk on my back with lotion applied to his pads, I need another solution.) The spot that I cannot reach is pretty small.

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yeah, Frodo turned down the job too.

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They probably have a plan to meet privately for their own massage sessions. I did see Milo hissing into his iPhone this morning w. a very furtive look on his puss.

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And Frodo hid something in his crate when I came downstairs. iPhone mini?

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(Your extra iPad?)

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I’m not single, but I use one of these.

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I just saw on Katie that the Vaseline brand spray lotions can be sprayed at any angle even upside down. Supposedly they are not greasy. I would guess you could spray it from over your shoulder down your back. You could wipe off extra on a towel.

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@all Thanks. Some good ideas here and I also saw a long handled thingy in the Vermont Country Store catalogue that would work.

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I like the idea of interchangeable and replaceable heads so they can be back scratchers, scrubbers and lotion applicators. I have low tolerance for itching, despite my high tolerance for pain.

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