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If some university were to grant me a honorary doctorate in Law does that mean I can start my own practice?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) February 4th, 2014

Or is it as useless as the key to the city(I bet it doesn’t even fit the locks in the city hall)? You would think and honorary doctorate of Laws would put you past the bar exam and make it free to practice?
Humor welcome, serious answers welcome.

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No. Honorary means just that. Furthermore, you’d have to pass your State’s Bar Exam before you’re allowed to practice — and good luck with that having not taken the coursework.

So, no. Sorry.

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A few states don’t require law school at all. Think Virginia and California are two.

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You can’t practice law if you have an honorary degree in law. To practice law the Doctorate must be an earned one. Nowadays it’s merely a fundraising tool or a marketing device to award bogus degrees to celebrities and famous people.

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You have to pass a state bar exam to practice law in the US.

Most states require a law degree before you can take the exam.

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See A-Rods Bio Genesis practitioner. He opened his own practice with out any universities blessings etc.

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(Waving fat cigar) It couldn’t Hoyt!

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No, it would not. Frankly honorary degrees don’t mean shit.

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Sure, and you can serve imaginary clients.

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^^honorary clients

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Vermont did not require a degree from a law school before attempting to pass the bar exam, but you still had to pass the bar exam before practicing law.

You have to pass the bar exam before you can practice law; honorary degree or not.

Even if you graduated from the Harvard Law School at the top of your class, you’d still have to pass the pesky exam.

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Most honorary degrees are conferred on people that are multimillionaires or celebrities. So first you need to make millions and then get the honorary degree and that would be the end. Because you still can’t practice law without passing the Bar Exam.

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