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Isn't it about time we had a party in the tidepool?

Asked by picante (11492points) February 7th, 2014

Hear! Hear! I raise my glass to HearKat, a wonderful contributor to the community, on reaching the 20,000 milestone! Thanks for your moderation in all things ;-)

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Congratulations hearkat!! :-) I arrived just in time! xxx

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I’m getting jealous!

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Congrats on the 20K Hearkat! ;)

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Congratulations! To one of my favorite contributors. So level-headed. So kind.

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A strain of felis domesticus selected for proficiency in hunting spammers and other vermin. Quite docile and companionable among its peers, the hearkat becomes a focused killing machine when hunting. It has been observed to play with its unfortunate prey for hours before finally banning them.

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Is that a Mewow I hear? Congrats on the well deserved 20K!

Thank you for being a mod and taking care of us. We appreciate your efforts.

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Cheers & con-kat-ulations!

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Yay!congrats @hearkat !

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@hearkat made 20,000? I would have thought that happened a long time ago.
Congo Rats to one of my favs!

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Yep, cool cat right there! :)

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When I see you are posting on a question, I know I will read a cogent, warm, perceptive answer no matter what the topic is. You are consistently one of the best contributors and I am so glad you are more of a presence again.

Mazel Tov on a well-deserved 20K!

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Congrats @hearkat!

Please don’t get burned out as a mod and leave us.

We’re so lucky to have you. Happy 20K day!

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Go @hearkat!
A valued contributor and moderator.

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Congratulations on reaching the fabled 20k. I enjoy your input, appreciate your work and hope you double your achievement here!

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Congratulations on the 20K milestone achievement @hearkat!
Thank you for being a mod and for all your excellent contributions.

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Congrats on 20K @hearkat! Well done.
It has been a while between parties in the tidepool.

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Yay! You’re great contributor and a great mod, too. Congratulations, Kat!!

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Congrats! I hope the modding won’t spoil your Fluther fun.

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Congratulations! Love having you here. :D

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Congratulations @hearkat! Such a voice of reason. hear, hear! ~

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@hearkat Great job !

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20Kongratulations @HearKat

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Hooray for me!! It only took 4 years after I got to 10K… At this pace, I won’t get to 30K until 2022!

Thanks to everyone for the very kind words. Being a mod definitely changes one’s perspective on the site, but I don’t think it will burn me out – as long as y’all behave yourselves! *side-eyes *

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Congrats! You deserve it.

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stay golden @hearkat . . .

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Congratulations @hearkat! I’m actually shocked you haven’t been in the 20k mansion for years. You always have great advice and are the voice of reason.
I’m really glad there is a party tonight. I think we needed a party by the pool to warm ourselves up and steam this place up. Party on!

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It has been a while since we did a party and this winter has been a bitch. How about a hedonistic fest in the pool?

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Hot tub time!!

But seriously, some of your comments have got me verklemmt. :”)

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I can bring some warm oil for massages, and some great soaps for cleaning up afterward. What happens on fluther stays on fluther.

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Or can today be lurve party time?

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@Adirondackwannabe I am up for that…A nice clean pool over the tide pool lagoon would be a nice change

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Congrats! I always take not of your answers. Thank you for being here!

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From one pussy to another. Congrats on the 20k!

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Yes, I heard that feline approaching! Congrats and 20k meows!!!!!

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Pussy Riot! :)

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Congrats! @hearkat

Public accolades added to my PM.

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Conga Rats!

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Congratulations!! Sorry I’m late to the party. Happy to have you here in the mansion with us and on the mod team too!

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