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When you are at home, what types of sounds can you hear?

Asked by LornaLove (9177points) February 7th, 2014

Could you say if you are in an apartment block or house etc.,?

What do you hear? The sounds of cars, neighbors talking, kids playing, lawnmowers, birds in the trees, people talking outside?

I live in the twilight zone, I hear nothing zilch. No voices, no car sounds, no people, no birds even.

I do remember wherever I lived hearing some sounds. Which, were very comforting. (Also at times quite annoying of course!).

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Neighbours having sex, children screaming, dogs barking, radio static,

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@LornaLove I forgot to say; I’m living in an apartment building.

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I live in a very quiet rural area. Sometimes I can hear a car on a road nearby, but mostly I hear geese (at night when it’s really quiet) and during the day, birds. That’s about it.

In the summer, I may hear an occasional kid or kids going by on their bikes, and lawn mowers, and in the fall, leaf blowers off in the distance. .

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I am in a townhouse with neighbors on each side. When the windows are closed and we are being quiet, we can hear some cars passing on the street in front of the house. We can hear when the neighbors are running their vacuum, or if the dog on the one side is barking we can sometimes hear it. If we’re busy doing things or have some source of noise on, we probably wouldn’t notice.

The one neighbor once came and asked if we can hear his TV, because apparently the neighbor on the other side of him has complained. I have heard TV sounds from each side on some occasions, but never so loud that I find it annoying.

For the record, I have excellent hearing, despite some tinnitus; I greatly prefer peace and quiet, and I am easily bothered by noise (not to the point of having misophonia, though).

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Neighbor flushing toilet, sound of refrigerator, sound of thoughts flashing through my mind, upstairs people galloping up and down non-stop never taking off shoes.
Cats fighting downstairs, drone of airconditioning, the list is endless.

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I’m in a rural area, but on a busy highway.

My house ‘talks’ all the time. Groans, ticks, snaps. Year round.

I get highway noise, but I ignore it. I dislike the brakes on the semi’s. It’s kinda nice to wake up in the morning and judge the weather by the sounds…snow-soft and rain-hiss.

There is a family of foxes or coyotes nearby that howl, and freak me out.

Gunshots in the distance.

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Rain, right now, the heat just kicked on and I just heard the resident cemetery fox yipping off the back of the house which backs up to a small cemetery. In just a minute I will hear the sound of my covers rustling as I get into bed and then my cat will climb up on my back and swish her tail in my face. Whoosh, whoosh. haha

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The pachyderm upstairs eternally moving her furniture around and dropping things every two minutes, the young couple next door, where the guy is always yelling at his girlfriend. Cars, trucks, that guy I keep in my closet who wants to leave, but I won’t let him. People flushing toilets and using faucets elsewhere in the apartment, snow blowers and shoveling in the Winter, lawnmowers in the Summer, my roomate coughing up a storm because she’s always choking on her joints. She’s probably hearing my typing fingers as I complain about everything, right now.
Barking dogs, my cats running around, some guy in my head telling me to drink paint. It never ends.

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I live in a suburb, 20 miles north of the city. It’s a residential, wooded area that, back in the 1940s, was a vacation destination. To that end, there’s a lake a couple blocks from me.

Pops and cracks from the hot water pipes of my heating system.

Squirrels running on my roof as acorns fall from the giant oak tree behind my house.

The occasional car going by.

My neighbor riding into the woods on his 4-wheeler or snow mobile.

The soft whoosh of a commuter train passing at the far end of my street.

My wife snoring.

A dog (or two) barking when someone walks their dog by.

The clang of my mailbox lid as the mailman drives away.

My daughter giggling or singing.

Lawnmowers in Summer.

The almost UFO-like sound of a military plane descending from the sky as it prepares to land at an Air Force base 15 miles west of here.

My dog playing with her stuffed ducky.

Rarely, on a very quiet day, church bells in the distance.

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I live on the second floor in a rather busy area. I can hear

→The heating system gurgling

→ My sleeping dog’s muffled barking

→ The neighbour’s kid shouting

→ Voices and cars on the street

→ Occasionally, the lady from upstairs singing operas

Sometimes I stay up all night. It gets quiet at around 2am, and I love to just listen to nothing. On the other hand, I am often comforted by the noises I hear.

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In the winter indoors (as like now sitting in the family room while everyone is still sleeping) I hear the literal pulsing roar of the refrigerator compressor, I hear the chewing on the cage door by the rabbit signalling me to let him out so he can be free to roam the house…(in a bit little one), I hear the sigh’s of the dog which tells me she can’t wait for me to go to work so she can go back to sleep, but she is a dog and will soon realize this is Saturday and I will be home all day…soon to be a most happy revelation. Underneath these noises you can hear the gentle “rick-rock” of the rocker/recliner I am sitting in and of course above it all is the tippy tappy of my fingers on the this keyboard.

Daytime is and endless parade of voices…often stern demands of chores yet undone, there is intermittent laughter…sounds of the refrigerator opening being liberated of various nourishment followed by the inevitable SLAM shut of the door.

If you listen closely you will hear the house….the house is alive…creaking, groaning, snapping and cracking…you can hear the whisper of the furnace dutifully pumping warm air to keep us warm and comfortable.

In the morning (and all daytime) you can see and hear the birds outside chirp in approval of the abundant seeds in the feeder at this so very cold time of the year.

You would hear my sigh….as I finally relax after a challenging week of work and the subsequent realization HS I should still be in bed!

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I own a two-story house. Normal daily sounds include my cat screeching to be fed or scratching in his litter box… an occasional train… incessant barking outside… a rumbling, rattling garbage truck at 7 a.m. on Fridays… massive creaking noises when it’s windy… TV or radio… and right now, my central heating system going full blast.

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Living in a house, in a very quiet neighborhood, on a huge lake, three miles from a large grocery store. We don’t live on the lake; it’s up the street. lol
I hear my husband’s tv half of the day and all evening. These are the times I know he’s awake. The same shows day after day, year after year. I hear our ice maker as he fills his Huge mug with ice, a rare bird outside the window, an occasional car driving on our street, the mailman once a day closing our mailbox that sits by the curb. I hear our female bichon whining for something, it’s always something she wants then very loud barking if people stroll by our house and very loud barking when the UPS man comes which is almost daily. A squirrel running across our roof. Lastly, tremendous noise of machinery once a week when the neighbors’ yard men do their thing all year around. God forbid they should have a leaf on their grass. And there; the heat just came on. I have a short wave radio right here. Maybe I should use it . Oh; and the phone ringing twice daily as each daughter calls me.

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I live in a condo and live near a train, so often I will hear the whistle. Also people talking and kids playing outside, front doors opening and closing, the walls aren’t very soundproof. Oh and the occasional car alarm.

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My apartment in Japan has very, very thin walls. So I can hear everything. I hear my neighbor cough, his alarm clock, when he falls out of bed in the morning and trips over his cat. But the worst of all is his personal moans of excitement. The other neighbor yelling at her boyfriend, or throwing something at him. Children walking and talking as they head to and from school. Then The sound of someone up the street opening up their shop, and some girls advertising for a local cosplay cafe.

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@shego You have my admiration for adapting to such as onslaught of daily and nightly challenges.

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Rain, rain, glorious rain!

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@Coloma Yay for rain! Much needed reprieve!

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Dog barking, children shouting, adults talking, bird singing, people singing…
Oh, and ghost howling too!

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All I hear is my blasting away TV at 90% of its top volume. Perhaps if I turned the volume down I’d hear a greater variety of sounds. ;-?

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@Cruiser it took a bit of time to get use to. But now after hearing that everyday for about 5 months, it is now the norm.

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@shego I understand. My first apartment was a block away from O’Hare airport and directly under a landing pattern and the first plane to come over me was deafening. I was like WTF did I get myself into! 3 weeks later I did not even notice them.

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Depends upon what day it is. Right now, I hear some loud barking crows. There’s usually some cars driving by, the trash truck on Thursdays and most days there is at least one gardener using a leaf blower or a lawnmower. If my window is open, like it is now, I’m likely to hear one or more of my neighbors talking. 2 of my immediate neighbors have motorcycles that they rev from time to time (that’s very annoying). Sometimes I hear the clinking of dog tags as our neighbors walk their dogs, or the hissing or caterwauling of some of the neighborhood kitties. Every now and then we’ll hear hawks screeching. At night we can hear crickets and frogs. During the day, we might hear airplanes flying over, we’re fairly close to a small airport. And at night, we can hear the honking of the train horn. Early in the morning, I’m likely to hear the lawn sprinklers from our yard or my next door neighbor’s yard. I often hear garage doors opening and closing. Until last week, we would occasionally hear palm fronds falling onto our flower beds, we had those taken out because they got much taller than anticipated and we had no way to trim them anymore. My mom got tired of the falling fronds taking out her pansies and petunias. At least once a week, one of the neighbors comes over to ask to borrow one of my dad’s tools, or have my dad come over and look at something that’s leaking or broken. Right now I just heard the shower get turned on. I can hear my clock ticking. For the last month or so, I would hear the heater come on. Telemarketers call almost every day, even though we’ve requested to be put on the do not call list.

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