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Are there any new changes or events that happen in your community as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic?

Asked by jca2 (12198points) May 9th, 2020

This afternoon I heard sirens from fire trucks. I was curious what it could be from, since I live in a quiet area and there are not usually emergency vehicles. Then I realized it was the fire truck parade that they do now for someone’s birthday or maybe for graduation. This is a nice thing that never used to occur prior to the pandemic.

In New York city, where I have family, every night at 7 o’clock, people come outside, onto their balconies or opening the window, and clap, cheer or bang pots and pans as a way to thank the hospital workers and other front-line staff. Maybe that happens in other areas of the country or world, too, I don’t know.

Are there any new events that happen in your area now as a result of the pandemic?

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Panhandling, and protesting has gone down. Some grocery stores require washing hands in front of the greeter.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Do they have a sink just set up there in the store opening? I don’t understand.

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@anniereborn Yes. You have a choice of portable sink with soap or sanitizer. Both in front of the greeter. In the entrance to the store.

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Some of the discussion clubs I used to attend are now doing their meetings on zoom.

Beatlemaniacs, a group that used to play in a rec center every week, now does their thing outside in front of one of the musician’s house on facebook live. Usually, they have over 20 musicians and it’s amazing, but now it is just about 10, and not all of their usual singers. They were not very good this past week unfortunately, but they played my request and that was really good, so I was happy. Here is the facebook link if you want to tune in Friday at 10:00 EDT. They usually feature an album a month, and spend some time talking about the about the album and what was going on with the Beatles at the time. You can request songs in the comments section. People in the neighborhood drive over and listen. They sit in their golf carts or bring lawn chairs.

The local theatre does a reading every Friday at 1:00 EDT on facebook. Here is that link The next reading is A Woman of No Importance. You can see the past performances too I think.

You might remember that we used to have live bands and dancing every evening outside in the time squares, people are waiting to see if that starts up again now that the governor is basically saying outdoor activities are much less risk. He has said that all along, but it is being reinforced. He still recommends distancing and masks, but a lot of people seem to be ignoring that. The tricky part with the outdoor dancing is sometimes it is VERY crowded, and there is no way to really control that.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That must create quite the line.

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@anniereborn No line yet for me at that store. Is ok. Depends on the time of day.

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I just read on facebook a suggestion on Facebook for the restaurants around the town squares to expand outdoor seating by asking the developer to close off the road that goes around the square. Sounds like a good idea. People commented that it is already being done in Ybor in Tampa, FL and Winter Park, FL. It has be wondering if Disney Springs is going to open up? Maybe it is open already. It has tons of outdoor seating, but is usually a mob seen of people.

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It didn’t originate here, but drive-by parades for children’s birthdays has become the rage!!! I haven’t heard of any firetrucks being used but they may well be & I just haven’t heard about it. One of our deputies was killed several years ago & his department buddies did a drive-by parade complete with sirens for his daughter’s birthday so she wouldn’t feel forgotten.

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“The House of Pain song that has been a proud crowd tradition at University of Wisconsin Badgers football games at Camp Randall Stadium for 21 years has spilled out to people’s driveways during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s on its way to becoming a can’t-resist weekly Saturday afternoon decompress — a giddy 3½-minute break from the troubles of the world.”

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