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So, how bad of a concussion was this?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) February 8th, 2014

Alright so a long time ago, I got a concussion from some youth group sledding thing, I was at the front of some snake thing, the kid at the back of it swung around, bam I got a boot to the head (and apparently a footprint of it).

The next thing I remember (I guess, I have a bad memory for stuff that happened a long time ago anyways, at least if it wasn’t very significant) is “waking up” in someones car waiting for my mother/an ambulance, not sure.

I say “waking up” because I apparently walked up the hill, talked with someone and got them to call, and then I got in the car, then I guess I just snapped back into record mode or something lol.

I was wondering since I never really asked, how bad is that sort of concussion considered to be? I did get a CT scan, but with the smaller machine that rolls around on wheels.

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Coloma's avatar’re not dead. Your brain didn’t swell up and compress your brain stem and cease your life functions. lol
I’d say it’s a win, even if you remain a bit brain damaged.

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@Coloma So I may be dain bamaged?

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“bamaged”....well… haha
Doubtfully, you just got knocked out for a few minutes. Unless you went without oxygen for 5 minutes or longer you’re probably just fine.

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@XOIIO Are you showing symptoms of CTE? If not I think you’re ok ;)

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@pleiades Not that I can think of lol.

This was years ago anyways.

Of course, maybe I’m still unconscious, and this is all a dream, or I did die and this is purgatory.

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Have you had any subsequent imaging for any reason?
Are you having any symptoms? Memory loss could be related to it.
The boot hit you in the forehead?

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Side of the heat, but close-ish to the forehead, no subsequent imaging done, and I just don’t pay attention to stuff that I don’t care about much or that wasn’t interesting, I don’t remember a whole lot of stuff before grade 8 or so because it was all so insignificant, and the concussion was before that.

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Side of the head*

I’ve been up way too long lol.

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I didn’t realize you were that young when it happened. I would think your parents or teachers might have expressed concern if your abilities or behaviors changed noticeably; so chances are that your concussion was minor. Also, neural plasticity is still much greater in pre-adolescence, so any damage that may have occurred was likely circumvented in short order.

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Yeah it was back when my mother still forced me to go to church, so quite a long time ago :P

Finally I just said “fuck it this is all bullshit, go if you want but I’m not wasting my time”

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