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Can I manipulate my DVD player like a remote? (arrow keys and so forth)

Asked by JessK (599points) February 8th, 2014

I’d really like to watch special features on a DVD, but since we don’t have the remote, there doesn’t seem to be a way to go up or down on the menu. Is there a way around this?

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Sometimes the skip buttons work on menus, and the play button works as the “OK” button, try those.

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I’ve tried that, and I’ve been trying out a bunch of different combinations, but the skip buttons aren’t allowed on the menu. If I buy a replacement remote for the same model, would it work with the player?

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It should, you could also just buy a cheap universal remote, they come with booklets with dozens of codes for different brands, and they cover pretty much everything. You can get them in dollar stores for few bucks even.

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I’m gonna go with XOIIO on this one. A cheapo universal remote would probably work best here.

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I third @XOIIO‘s and @johnpowell‘s motion. You can buy universal remotes everywhere (even drugstores) and many are quite inexpensive. Best of all, they’re packed with features the original remotes often don’t provide.

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I think so, depending on the application. There are games you can play using your DVD player.

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my Samsung tablet has an app which lets it work as a remote

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