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What do you do for a living?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) February 11th, 2014

I was sure this had been asked semi-recently, but the last one I found was from 2008. If there’s something more recent, let me know!

I’m really curious as to what jellies, both old and new, do for a living. So, fire away!

I’ll start. I’m a Legal Assistant working for attorneys that specialize in education law. We represent school districts for the most part.

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Reference librarian at a community college.

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I am retired from AT&T, where I was a cable splicer. I used to go in manholes and climb telephone poles to connect telephone lines, then I built and maintained high speed data communication machines.

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I own a company that manufactures adhesives and coatings.

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software engineer

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I write trading rules for an options exchange that have to be approved by the SEC.

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I do freelance writing and audio-video production, having retired last year from my full-time career in corporate marketing and advertising.

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Former General Contractor, present day landlord.

I would like to be a traveler or campground host when my wife retires.

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I’m an engineer and own a rapidly growing R&D company. We get paid to invent and develop interesting things for a particularly large, demanding, aerospace customer.

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Worldwide media company, radio division.

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Office manager of a doctor’s office.

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I operate superB transport trucks, you know the ones 82 feet long and 30 wheels.

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Retired 20 year food factory line worker machine/operator.

I currently buy and sell used merchandize for a living. Nice work if you can get it. I’m soon to be 53yo.

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I’m semi retired from a myriad of careers, most recently property management. We are now living off investments in apartments that we made 20 years ago and hubby still dabbles in a little general contracting.
Now that I have the luxury, I’m trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

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I work for an organization that represents employees of a local municipality. We intervene when there are disputes with management, and we meet with local politicians to advocate on various issues, including the contract that the employees work under.

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I used to be a Young Adult Services librarian. I would make up events that kids would come to and suggest books for them to read. Now I am a stay at home mom, but I am working at getting back in the public library field again.

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Electrical Engineer

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Hard to answer this since “probably nothing” might suffice. But I’ll say “I am a stock broker for myself.” Risky business.

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Whatever bonafides I might conjure up, my job HERE is to whine and complain, and believe me, I’m a professional.

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Right now I am not working. I say I am my husband’s personal assistant. Most of my career was in retail. I worked for several different stores with an 8 year stretch with Bloomingdales, I worked as a manager in a few departments and as a fragrance and cosmetic buyer. When I left Loomies I worked for a few vendors. I worked for Mondo (men’s designer) Calvin Klein and Wacoal. Not all at once, one after another. Eventually, I did real estate for a few years. Splattered in there I worked as an Administrative Assistant.

Most recently I was the social chairperson for our local Porsche club. I scheduled all the events, maintained the club website and created and maintained our facebook group.

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I’m a weather forecaster in the Navy. Pilots will request flights, and we give them the weather for their route of flight, informing them about important things like icing, turbulence etc. We also write the forecasts and issue weather watches/warnings for major military bases on the east coast.

But….I’m getting out to become a bartender lol.

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I homeschooled for 10 years, and also ran a part time cleaning business for 30 years. I have written curriculum and currently teach English as a second language to adult students in Japan on Skype.

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Retired – - Operation Management in Aerospace and Defense ( Purchasing, Logistics, Inventory Control, Machine Processing, Computer System Implementation and Shop Scheduling )

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Trying to keep a part-time job if I might add.

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I’m an instructional aide in a special needs classroom (severe cognitive delays).

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I write on Fluther and Answerbag while I am on disability. My typical job is fast food cashier and convenience store clerk.

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I’m a technician in a clinic that designs and builds custom equipment for people with disabilities. That’s my day job. Weekends and evenings, I run a Zen temple.

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I sell/build/maintain websites and related IT goodies as an outside consultant for businesses that enjoy what they do. At least that’s who we try to find.

I just merged my company into a slightly larger one so it’s busy days but occasionally an actual day off.

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I’m a dog trainer.

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@hug_of_war The attorney I support specializes in Special Education matters. I’m still learning all about IEPs and section 504. A lot goes into special ed!

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Right now, I make my bread as a daycare worker for children from 1 – 5 years of age. I love it and the system and facilities here in Norway are great. I used to work in accounting in a previous life, (in New Zealand) and will probably go back to that after taking some courses to learn about the Norwegian tax, debt, banking and payroll systems.
I’m a single mother, so much of my time is/has been taken up caring for my young son, (currently 9 years old) who has severe ADHD with suspected Aspergers and his older half brother, who has infantile autism, who I now only take for respite care when his mother gets tired.
I’ve also done some science writing work, but nothing major and nothing that earned me much other than a pat on the back and being plagiarised.

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Degree in Education, have held various jobs, only one of which was at all related to education.

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I’m a graphic designer by trade (visual design, branding, web design, photography) – 20+ years.

I’m currently the director of the design department at a college.

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Retired and writing a novel.

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Teacher in the Department of Communication, specializing in Mass Communication and Communication Law, at a rather large university in God’s Country, Texas.

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I teach philosophy and argumentative writing.

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I’ve been a military policeman for 20+ years. It’s almost time to retire.

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I’ve discovered something. Based upon these responses and time stamps it appears that ~88% of current users are supposed to be doing something else. ;-)
<—- Procrastinating and avoiding a distasteful task.

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@LuckyGuy – Multitasking.

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@rojo – I’m researching current social trends while waiting for my third PC to finish its updates.
And I’m eating breakfast. And the coffee is dripping.

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(I’m off on sick leave. I am also a Graves Disease warrior and I am currently in battle with it and off work for a while.)

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No, you’re very much still active @gailcalled! We just ain’t payin’ ya.

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Retired, at least as far as the Social Security Administration is concerned. I am also a stay-at-home dad.

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