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I remembered being murdered, and passing away, several times in my current life, how can I write a book about it?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) February 12th, 2014

Where do I start?

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Start with a sentence and then move on to a paragraph.

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First, create a outline with which you can build the story on, bit by bit, item by item.

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The first death, the last death, or the one that was the least dramatic. It’s your story!

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If there’s a story there, there will be at least one phrase or image or idea that keeps coming back to you. Start with that. Write it down. If there are more than one, write them all down on separate pieces of paper (or separate files). If there’s just the one, then see what that one thing suggests to you and write that down. Repeat the process until you have enough little pieces. You’ll know when. By this time a structure should have emerged. If not, you’ll have to create one just to keep track of all your little pieces.
Use this structure to make your outline. String all the little pieces together. If it all fits and hangs together as a whole, congratulations! You’ve written a book. If not, rearrange the pieces until it does. If you have pieces that don’t fit, drop them. It doesn’t matter how much you like them or how cool they are, drop them anyway. They can go in another book.

Or just do what @kritiper said, which is pretty much the same thing but in reverse.

Remember that you can and arguably should quit at any time. As Stephen King once said: “If you can quit writing, you should.”

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Does this connect somehow to your desire to sleep in a coffin and fear of waiting for Pizza to be delivered? Were you buried alive by a psycho pizza delivery guy? Did they starve you for 3 days and then put a ventilation hose into your coffin and fill it wilt hot, steaming Pepperoni as torture?

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Wouldn’t they be considered past lives? Why murdered? It’s statistically unlikely to be murdered on a consistent basis, or even repetitively.

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Write down all of the details that you can think of. What did you see? What did you hear? What did you smell? What did you think about? Where were you? Etc.

Then draw up an outline of how you think the story will progress, change the outline as you need to to make your story work.

Then just start writing the first sentence.

Take into mind whether you want your story to start with your present life, or with one of the other lives, and whether you want to jump back and forth in time.

Find a competent and knowledgeable person who can edit, regularly for you, to make sure everything is consistent and correct grammatically.

Sounds like a pretty interesting concept for a novel if you ask me : )

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@Coloma It’s KFC fries and buns that my father tried to make me eat as a little child, and I ran out of the room and hid in the roof or in a clothes hamper or cabinet. I just wanted the chicken and I didn’t want the sides. Also I waited in the front porch wondering if my dad is brining KFC or Little Casers pizza with the two for one special.

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