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Have you ever flagged a very old question/answer?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14947points) February 14th, 2014

Very old questions/answers may not be viewed anymore, but if you flag new questions/answers, have you ever flagged old ones?

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Of course not, that just seems pointless/crass.

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No. I agree with @ucme, seems pointless. OTOH…If it contained hate speak or something, I might.

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No. The mods are underpaid and overworked as it is.

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Questions that were posted before the creation of the General/Social divide are full of stuff that would never fly these days. We consider all those old Qs and comments to be “grandfathered in” (there’s a new term for you, @Mimishu1995). No point in trying to bring them up to current standards.

But, some of the old Qs have turned into “spam magnets”: they contain terms that spambots look for, and attract lots of spam comments. We do appreciate hearing about those so we can take them down.

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I think the only time I would consider moderating an old question, other than spam, would be if a response contained a really bad personal attack that went undetected.

We don’t moderate old questions for being off-topic or unhelpful. Moderating for flame-baiting also wouldn’t be very lucrative retroactively because the bait either worked or it didn’t—the conversation is done now so that doesn’t matter as much.

Moderators don’t actively comb through old questions without a spam alert, though. So it’s unlikely that any moderation decisions would need to be made in the first place.

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I rarely bother reading old questions unless they’re linked in a new question, so no.

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I have flagged a lot of spam in old questions and a few particularly illiterate posts made by newer members who apparently didn’t realize they were answering an old question.

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Never have, and anyways I seldom look up older questions.

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No, I’m not a moderator (though I know you don’t have to be one to flag something), but I’m simply on here to answer, and at times ask questions. I don’t come on here with a mindset of “gee, what should I flag today”.

I do look up older questions a lot, but I usually only get involved with them if I know many of the users on those are still active yet.

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@Paradox25 You don’t need to show up with a mindset of “what should I flag today” in order to recognize something that shouldn’t be here (e.g., spam).

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