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I have an unexplained medical question. About 2 years ago, I was bitten by something (spider, I think) and my Left hand swelled up. The swelling has not gone down. Do you have any medical knowledge of what might be the cause? Are there any different tests that I should request? More information is listed below.

Asked by SnoopyGirl (850points) February 22nd, 2014

Like I said above, I was bit by something. I think it might have been a spider, but never saw the culprit. I woke up one morning and noticed my Left hand was badly swollen and had a red mark on the top of my hand. I let it go for about a week before going to the Doctor because there was no itching or pain. The Doctor gave me an ointment that had an antibiotic in it to reduce the swelling and kill any possible toxins. I used the ointment for about a week and there was no changes to the swelling. I waited a couple of months and went back to see the Doctor because the swelling hadn’t gone down. They ran a couple tests: 1)CT of my chest and neck area; 2)Upper limb duplex scan. Nothing unusual was found except for a cyst on my liver, which was found to be benign after doing an ultrasound. It’s been over 2 years and it’s still swollen. There has been a new finding since then: some numbness off and on in my arm. I’ve let all this go because I was getting frustrated that they couldn’t find any cause for why it was still swollen.

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Lime Disease is possible.
~Spider hmm…. Do you have any new superpowers recently?

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This happened to me some years ago- you can get bitten by alot of mystery creatures here- you’ll probably never know. My guess is they’ll test you for autoimmune disease, if they haven’t already. It’s frustrating, I know.

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I would ask that the doctor recommend some insect bite specialists for your area (or for whatever area you were in when this occurred). Family practice doctors are not always as well informed about insect and arachnid toxins as they might be.

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If it were me I would take a stab at trying an antibiotic. Pills not topical. Something like Omnicef or another that treats things like cellulitis. Or, maybe the Lyme disease drugs. I have had more than one occassion where antibiotics worked when supposedly they shouldn’t, the problem is guessing which antibiotic is right is a shot in the dark. Two times when antibiotics miraculously cured something for me I had been prescribed the antibiotic for something completely unrelated and a long standing issue I had got better. I have had situations where I tried antibiotics for something and the drug did nothing, but later found an antibiotic that helped. Shot in the dark, but I would try it at this point.

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My guess is some mild cellulitis associated with Lymes Disease. Cellulitis treatment (oral antibiotics) will not treat Lymes and that must be treated separately. Get thee to a professional.

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MRSA can appear as a spider bite. I assume you have seen a doctor. Maybe you should see a specialist.

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