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Who wants to join me in throwing the best luau ever for augustlan?

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the way to go out. Relish the good times, forget the bad times and have a hell of a good time.

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Funny, I can’t remember when I first met Lisa on fluther, but it seems that I have always known her. When I met her in person, Lisa was exactly who I thought she would be. There were no surprises there. She is the kind, funny, beautiful person I knew she would be. Thanks Lisa for all you have given us. [[[Hugs]]]

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Everyone gets a lei.

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Thanks for everything Auugie! Did you bring the whipped cream?

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Ooooo !!! I’ll bring the warm Brie – as usual! And some Moscato!
And fireworks!

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This song and hula are especially for Auggie.

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Auggie, have a splash here.

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Oh my goodness you guys! You are the best people ever. Thank you so much!

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@augustlan, no, you’re the best ever. :-)

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I feel a sudden need for a jellyfish plushy. NEED.

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(If I had a lot of money, some of these as party favors)

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Congrats on the newish job.

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For old time’s sake, I brought balloons.

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@Jeruba Thank you. It is very kind and generous of you to bring something to brighten the atmosphere.

Grab a drink and come down to the beach.

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Sorry I was lurking, I don’t know what to do? I’m the wallflower in real parties IRL… so I will just say to Augustlan ((( HUGS ))) and good night.

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I bring light because I want the atmosphere to be more cheerful. Otherwise I’ll cry.
* sob *

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@Mimishu1995 We lurve party lights. :-)

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Thanks for putting up with me. You know I love yo ass. And you, too. :)

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Random but omg you guys, look! Fluther pillows!
It happened!

auggie rules

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Let’s buy a Fluther pillows then Dr. Jelly can follow us to our dream!

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Great idea. I’m in. Hawaii here I come!

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Awww @augustlan! I am so happy for you and yet I am so sad! I am definitely in for the luau, though! I am ready for some drinks with the little umbrellas and the Poo Poo Platter!

Let’s par-tay!

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I’ll bring the dancing guys with fire in their mouths! Want those??

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I am so late, but I had to seek therapy to overcome my fear of flying so I could go to Hawaii to find These Folks to dance for Auggie.

I also brought along some snacks.

For Auggie and @jca a delicious Pupu Platter

And some Pineapple Skewers


Fried Rice


Chow Mein

Hawaiian Tacos

Hawaiian Sliders


And to Drink

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Well crap…tis the morning after the party, any leftovers for me? lol
I hope you have the hangover of the century @augustlan , go out in a blaze of glory. haha

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Wow, have you been partying for twenty hours straight? All the best, @augustlan. I brought breakfast, tuck in!

Fluther pillow fight?

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Absotively!! As I said on the other thread…

Congratulations @augustlan!! You certainly deserve every good fortune that comes your way.

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@longgone Pillows! ’‘Throws them at everyone in here.’’

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Hey! Did anyone find a pair of white briefs? And how did I end up with this blue undershirt and an “A” tattoo on my left butt cheek?

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^Oh, these briefs are yours? Did you need them back?

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And why does this pair have “Juicy” written on the butt? I’m so confused!

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They’re not mine. Mine say booty on one cheek and licious on the other.

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Such a good party!

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As usual the jellies are having a great time.

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Is the party still here?

Someone has to invite Dr. Jelly!

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