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Why doesn't Forbes include dictators and criminals when listing the worlds richest billionares?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) March 5th, 2014

Egypt and lybia ( Momar Khadafi R.I.P. ) had dictators worth $80 billion dollars and $200 billion American dollars. Also please make a corrected list or just list another billionaire that should be on the list.

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Hasney Mubarak ex dictator of Egypt Worth $80 Billion dollars.
Momar Khadafi ex dictator of Lybia worth $200 Billion dollars.

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Because why should they?
I think they only want to include the rich who works legally.

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I think that the primary reason is that the Forbes family (before they lost all their money) were very close friends to these dictators and criminals, and they didn’t want their friends to be embarrassed.

Steve Forbes – current owner (this week) and twice-failed presidential contender – has ruined the company.

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They did once list Pablo Escobar.

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It doesn’t?

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Dictators often have hidden assets as well, so their true net worth cannot be verified.

Regular billionaires may have sheltered assets where they cannot be taxed, but at least those assets can be verified.

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Forbes does list criminals. In fact, everyone on the list is one.

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I don’t know about dictators, but criminals that attain their money through crime don’t typically report their income. Therefore, how could Forbes ever know how much money those people have?

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@livelaughlove21 My point exactly!

@ragingloli Being morally ambiguous and doing shady things that follow the letter of the law isn’t technically a crime.

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and zimmerman is not “technically” a murderer, but we all know better.

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@ragingloli: or being technically not prosecuted.

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