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What should I tell my hairstylist when I want the MacGyver hairstlye?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) March 6th, 2014

It’s basically a poufy mullet. Would my hairstylist know what I am talking about. I don’t have a printer so I can’t just show her. The hairstyle is in the intro when he smiles at the camera and holds the airplane and Richard Dean Anderson comes up. 36 seconds in.

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“Order a wig that will make my hair look like Richard Dean Anderson’s on MacGyver.”

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Ask for the Roadhouse haircut Patrick Swayze had. Every woman remembers that.

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@GloPro Good flick too. My s/o loves that movie.

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Bring a picture with you. If they don’t know what a mullet it is, then you should get a new stylist.

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@talljasperman doesn’t have a printer, @Juels. Now that you mention it, there’s no reason the picture can’t be sent to a venue that does have a printer.

Other E-options are to download a picture to a portable media, like a phone or laptop. Look up the Salon on Facebook and post it to their page. Ask your stylist for an electronic way of contact.

There are 100+ ways around not having a printer.

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What about a cell phone? I don’t bother to print anything. Most coupons can be scanned from a cell phone. So why not bring the picture that way? If not a cell phone, then any camera with a review display would work. Just snap a pic and take it with you.

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What about sending the stylist a pic or link to review before the appointment? Or, ask them to please research the specific person/style beforehand.

Further, many salons have hair style books that can be brought out to help you describe or select a certain style.

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@ibstubro Sorry, didn’t see your reply before I kept going…

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Yup, we were on the same roll at the same time, @Juels. lol

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just pin a pic on pinterest or download one to your phone so you can show that to the stylist.

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