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Have you ever rocked the mullet?

Asked by googlybear (1822points) September 27th, 2008
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No… My son has a mohawk though. :) Not that they are anything alike. Just a random thought for ya.

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Anyone can rock a mohawk…It takes a strong man/woman to rock the mullet though :-)

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when i was younger, looking back i looked super not cool. But honestly when i was younger i didnt know better.

The really embarrassing thing is when i did have my mullet i was trying to grow it out to be like the green Power Ranger Tommy. Go go Power Rangers!

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I know I know… But no one can rock it like my Xan Man lol

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Using the classificatin system from, I am proud/sad (depends on your view) to say that I rocked the minitruckmullet in the early 90s….

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this is slightly off-topic, but only a hair… slaps knee

A variation on the mullet seems to be coming back. My roommate, who is a hair stylist, just bought a wig that’s a little longer in the back. It’s not a mullet, but it reminds everyone who sees it of the mullet. And that sort of frightens me. If the rat-tail ever returns, I’m running in the other direction.

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Yeah the rat-tail was a half-hearted attempt at the mullet in my opinion (RIP rat-tail)....Either you go all out or don’t go for it at all…

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I used to have shortish hair with a ponytail in the seventh grade.

edit: I used to have shortish hair with a rat tail in the seventh grade.

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petethepothead – do you look back on it with regret or admiration?

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I’m totes developing one right now. I gotta cut this beast or else start playing hockey.

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@googlybear: I look back on it as “something i did when i was in the seventh grade.” I was “that kid” in those days. In the 4th grade I have a green mohawk. That stuff is cool when you’re in grammar school, but not so much when you’re older.

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Here’s the deal. I graduated high school in 1989. AND I lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The mullet was mandatory issue for guys my age…you went to high school and you were immediately issued a mullet and a copy of Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” album.

So yeah, I rocked that mofo big time. Now, at the time, we didn’t really have a perjorative name for it, guys just grew their hair longer. And really, it’s not practical to grow your hair long in the front, now is it? I mean, no one wanted to look like Cousin It….dayglo colors and ripped jeans were ONE thing, but we didn’t want to look like freaks though in retrospect, we failed in that regard.

My hair is naturally curly, and naturally very thick. So, I’d get it cut down to about 2 inches and thinned out in the front and on top (if I let my hair grow too long or thick on top, I’d have had an afro, and as much as I liked the band Cameo, I didn’t really want to look like Larry Blackmon). But the funny thing about my mullet was, I’d keep from cutting it in the back, with the exception of about a half inch every 2 to 3 months that I’d go in for a haircut (just to get rid of the dead and split ends), I started this at the beginning of 10th grade, and just let it grow through high school. By the time I was a Senior, my hair was literally down to the small of my back. But ONLY if I pulled it down there, because as I said, my hair was naturally curly. So, what would happen is it would just curl up, and it actually looked like I had shoulder length hair, but it extended a good 2 feet below my shoulders.

So, whether it was Poison or Kiss, AC/DC or Skid Row, I rocked that thing at a lot of concerts…I could whip it around in circles, I could tie it in a nice little bow beneath my chin, and it bridged the gap until the early 90s when goatees became mandatory…but that’s a whole nother story. At least I wasn’t a girl, back in the 80s, you were required to go through about a can of Aqua Net a day if you were a female (or a male rock musician). Ah the 80s….what other decade could have brought you big hair, the Rubik’s Cube and MTV?

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Accidentally, yes.

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Yeah I had one for a while when I was a little younger. Suffice to say it was awesome, Business in the front and a party in the back!

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I had a feminine variation of one in 1983… I was in High School, and growing out my hair after having it cut to about 1” and spiking it. I was a rebel. :-D

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haha! yes, but not by my own will, by my parents. i had one when i was maybe five years old or so.
the photos are hilarious.

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@Beccalynnx: My son rocked a mullet from about 2–5 years old. He had such lovely blonde hair which I knew would get darker over time, like both his dad and I did; so I wanted to keep it long while I could. I still have the ponytail from when we cut it off.

Then he chose to go with that bowl surfer cut the kids had in the 90s where the back of the head is shaved, but from the ears up is all one length. I hated it, but it’s only hair!

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no but there is a kid who is in about 5th grade at my school who does haha

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No, I never had a mullet. But I live in the south, I see random mullets almost every day. (And I saw a rat tail on a 60 year old woman at Applebees last week.)

I met a professional woman last month that actually paid for a mullet in the form of hair extensions. There was some story of being “bald” in the area, but I didn’t ask any questions. I was too stunned by the concept of paying money for a mullet. Some stories you just don’t want to know.

Mullets (as with pants drooping below the ass) always make me want to go up to the person and ask them why they would want to be an idiotic stereotype.

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Closest was a shag hair cut in the 70’s

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Syz – paying for a mullet – what a unique (misguided) concept!

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Peedub: Are you debating between losing the mullet or losing some teeth?

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