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Is it true tree farms pump CO2 into the air to help the trees grow faster?

Asked by JLeslie (54494points) March 13th, 2014

I saw this on Facebook. A conservative friend of mine was bitching about liberals wanting to make laws regarding CO2 that harms business. He doesn’t believe CO2 emissions cause climate change.

This Q is not about whether climate change is real or whether CO2 affects climate change.

I tried to google information on tree farms using CO2 and I didn’t find anything. I have a hard time believing it myself, but thought I would ask the collective.

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Free-air enrichment is done, but it’s not a common practice; most of the programs are experimental in nature. More common is enriching the atmosphere of greenhouses with added CO2 to get young plants established.

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If you already have a clean source of CO2, why not? No matter how ineffective it might be it does not hurt and might even help. I can’t believe they can do it outdoors though. That would be useless.
Where would you get free CO2? A natural gas fired heater that is used to heat the greenhouse can be vented inside. Ideally the heater only puts out CO2 and water vapor.
However, I would not want to work in there in case it was putting out a little CO as well.

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This pot growing guide says it works well can even double the growth rate or more.

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Interesting, never heard of this. I used to have a tree farm on a property I lived on and the trees grew quite well all on their own. Truth is stranger than fiction. haha

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We would have to grow plants in every nook and cranny to absorb all the CO2 that we are generating.

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@RocketGuy At least the trees and plants that are left will be healthy. If we still had good soil.

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