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Between Crimea/Putin news and news about the Universe which is more important?

Asked by flo (11201points) March 18th, 2014

If you look at any newspaper front page, which should be more importantly displayed (bigger font, above the fold, whatever else).

This or This? Some space person was complaining this morning about yesterday’s New York Times, which apparently treated Crimea’s news as more important.

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In the short term, Crimea and Putin are more important since things going badly there has humans on the brink, again, of destroying the only home we know. News about the Universe, that has long term importance because we’ll likely need a place to go when we’ve destroyed the only planet we know as home.

Yes, it is sad that those two agendas are backwards, since giving media time to the Universe tends to make most humans more cooperative in a we’re all in this together kind of way.

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Honestly, as much as I find the Big Bang news more interesting personally, Putin/Crimea is more important as it’s the one that actually has effects on the world and humankind right now.

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I think we Americans can think about both! We are that smart. Also…

Some of think about the universe.

Some of us think about the troubles in the Ukraine.

And then there is me. I think about the lint in my belly button.

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A bold headline with Putin’s name it will sell more papers and get way more internet hits than Space Ripples despite the fact that space ripples are way more fascinating and relevant to me at least.

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We would not have to worry about the Big Bang if Obama were half the “leader” Putin is.

Putin would grab the Big Bang by its Big Balls and smack it against the wall a couple of times before invading Universe #6 of the infinite number of Universes that are out there.

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If I were in charge at the Times I would give the two stories equal prominence, which is one reason why I am not in charge at the Times.

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The only thing that will knock both of these things from the “most important” category will be Beiber doing something stupid, again, or Gaga wearing sensible shoes.

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But one of them needs to be acted on, ASAP, and the other doesn’t.

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