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Is Trump trolling them when he says We need to get Russia back in the G7/G8?

Asked by flo (11235points) June 8th, 2018
Is this an example of trolling?
“Russia should be in the meeting. Why are we having a meeting without them? Russia should be a part of it.”

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I think he’s a puppet of Putin’s, and this is payback in some way for some favor that Putin did for him (like covering up sex orgies, or something.)

No sane president would even suggest it.

And the G7 isn’t going to agree, so it’s a moot point.

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It isn’t trolling, he is lobbying for the Russians.

This is how he pays back the support they gave him in 2016.

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Ask the others in the G-7; Trump isn’t in the G-7 anymore.
Tariffs are ending cooperation with friendly nations; which is an intended and orchestrated action from the Trump and GOP supporters.

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They aren’t in the summit, because they anexed Crimea. It’s a great reason for banning them…

Trolling? No. Continuing to be a shit bag? Yes.

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As a well-known Trump supporter on this site, I think Trump is goading (Trolling) on this one. There is no good reason that I personally have heard that justifies the inclusion of Russia in the summit, especially with all the controversy about Russia—Russia is allies with no one except Syria and Iran

The never ending drama that Trump “colluded” with Russia to steal the election is precisely why he is saying this. He is provoking so as to stimulate some action or reaction.

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The reaction @Yellowdog is disdain from the rest of the G-6+Trump. But that is his intent to isolate the USA from the rest o f the world and depend on Coal, Steel from US and Aluminum all companies Eric and Donnie Jr heavily invested in with their families money and loans from Putin and the NRA.

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Trump trying to suggest that Russia be part of the summit, doesn’t help his “collusion” case.
In fact, rarely does he act innocent. His declarations about pardons, should scare even the most ardent of his supporters. He clearly thinks he us above the law. That’s horse shit.

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If he was afraid of the Russia probe, or had something to hide, he’d never mention getting Russia back in the G7.

He is taunting his attackers with it. But unless there is some really good trade deal or alliance, which I doubt, he has nothing to gain and much to lose by advocating Russia.

One day, we maybe can have an alliance with Russia. But that would be bigger than reuniting Korea. And this is not the time, nor should Trump be talking favorably about Russia

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