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Have you heard of the two leaders in Canada that have resigned today?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) March 19th, 2014

That Alison Redford priemere of Alberta has resigned and federal finance minister Jim Flaherty today. As of Sunday for Redford….What do you think of it?

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Sort of like the old question of a tree falling in the forest that doesn’t make a sound. Who cares about a bunch of canadian politicians? We have our own crooks here in the US!!

What is much more interesting in Canada is that the separatists in Quebec are going to try again – third time – to become independent. What’s up with that?

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Are the Russians involved? Is it because Obama is weak and the Canadians do not “respect” America anymore?

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If Québec becomes independent, I’m moving out of here. Unlike most here, I’m not anti Canada, and I seriously do not know how Québec would sustain itself if it became independent. Russia would probably come and own us.

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