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How many here are from outside the US?

Asked by KNOWITALL (24575points) March 21st, 2014

Based on a recent conversation with two jellies, how many jellies are not US-born?

If you will, give us your country of origin or any other details!

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Born in Anacortes WA. Lived in California since age 10.

(Did live in Colombia, Canada, and Panama as a child).

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@zenvelo Military family or ? That’s really neat!

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Englandtown, way up in tha northeast like pet.

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@KNOWITALL My dad was a construction engineer for a very large but private construction company. He built a lot of oil refineries, all over the world.

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I was born in France, in Limoges. My parents moved to Canada in Manitoba when my dad found work there as a teacher, to teach French and English. I was six years old, I remember spending my 7th birthday in a hotel room haha. Then in my early 20’s I moved to Québec by myself. Been here since.
I’m officially Canadian now, have been forever, and while I recognize France as my birthplace, I’ve spent so little time there that I’ve never really felt ’‘French’’. My grandma is still out there in Bordeaux though, and I miss her, but we talk on the phone and send each other letters all the time. She tried the internet for a short while, but I guess she’s just way too old fashioned to really get used to it.

I’ve also been to England for about two hours. Lol. Never got to see anything except waiting in an airport. XD
I would totally visit the US though, I’d love to have a vacation where I could see all the states, or at least most of them. What I’m really interested in is checking out the major cities, like New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Man, that would rock. I love huge cities.

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Born in S. Korea, Moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, then on to Baumholder Germany, Traveled Europe for a bit before moving then into Austria for a little bit before going back to Georgia. Then we got out of that hellhole and went to Colorado followed by California. From there, I spent a while in New York but returned to California. Family is looking to move to Alabama and wants me to come with. No thanks, as much as I hate California as a whole, I’ve got sort of a nice thing going here for now. Once the program I run successfully takes off and can sustain itself will I consider moving. Probably to somewhere fairly cold year round. Cold and relatively isolated. Though I got to remember to try to visit Herman Hesse’s former abode as well as Puccini’s and Pachabel’s.

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I am not US born, but I am a citizen since birth and have lived here since infancy. I was born in Switzerland to a Swiss mother and US father – Swiss law at the time stated that the child is the nationality of the father; I have had dual citizenship since I was a teenager. However, my mother did not raise us bilingually; and as hard as I tried, I had a terrible time trying to learn to speak other languages. Thus, I consider myself an “American” but with an interesting perspective from being first-generation on one side of the family, but pre-revolutionary on the other side of the family (they came over in the early 1600s).

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Born in 1977 in Alberta, Canada…. looking for a place to escape to.

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I’m officially Canadian now, have been forever, and while I recognize France as my birthplace, I’ve spent so little time there that I’ve never really felt ’‘French’’.
But you never forgot how to do it! LOL LOL OK, cheap joke, but it was just hanging there to be plucked ;-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central I was born knowing how to do it. :D

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I was born in Toronto, Ontario.

From there we moved to Vancouver, BC and then to Ottawa, Ontario.

When I was 8 we left Canada and moved to Hollywood (not because I got an acting gig). After that we moved to Van Nuys.

When I was 21 I joined the US Navy. During my 4 years there, I lived in San Diego; North Chicago; Norfolk, VA; and Newport, RI.

When I regained my freedom, I moved back to Van Nuys.

After that I bought my house and moved to another part of Los Angeles.

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@Brian1946 When I was 8 we left Canada and moved to Hollywood (not because I got an acting gig). After that we moved to Van Nuys.
What type of a culture shock was that?

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Not me. Born and raised here.

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I guess most people here already know where I am :)

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Learning a new accent and adjusting to warm weather was traumatic!

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Have you lived your whole life in Vietnam?

Were your parents born in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, or elsewhere?

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@Brian1946 Yes, my whole life. I’ve never stepped my foot out to another country.

And we are in Central Vietnam.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Why don’t you answer the question yourself?

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I am from space.

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From England. Wiltshire to be specific.

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I’m from Germany. I’ve lived in South Korea for two years, other than that, Europe.

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Canada here, so kind of like the US, but the better, colder version. :P

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Downunder, New Zealand to be exact.

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I’m in the US. We’ve lived in several states in the US (military).

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I’m from Romania. :)

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I am the by product of the U.S. Navy imperialising the Philippines. So I was born there, lived there for one year, but then have been in San Diego ever since 1988

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West coast of Canada.

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Born In Garston, England.
Live in Texas
Does Texas still count as being in the US?

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