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Is it normal for schools in Japan to not let you in class if you are late?

Asked by WhovianGirl18 (80points) March 21st, 2014 from iPhone

I’m wondering because I live in the United States and when someone at my school is late, they are not allowed in class. I watched this one show set in Japan and this one kid for late for school and the teacher didn’t let go to class because of it and he had to wait outside of class. It is not normal for a school in the United States to not let you in class if you are late

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My half-Japanese niece said the schools in Japan are super-strict. Uniforms, no hair coloring, etc…

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Yes, that is common in many parts of the world. Tardiness is considered disrespectful.

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I was in a Math class in the USA and the university professor stated at the beginning of the semester, if you’re late you will be locked out because it was disrupted the whole class.

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High school or University? Is it legal in the United States to deny a high schooler a right to education? They can be punished, but not completely denied, I think.

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@KNOWITALL No hair coloring? You mean all my anime knowledge of japan is wrong????


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@Tropical_Willie I had a college professor at one point who was like that and I complained about him to the people in charge. I think maybe several people did. He was gone the next term, I don’t know what exactly happened. Possibly he left on his own. We were glad to see him go.

@bob_ I giggled a little inside when I saw your answer considering the stereotype of your country to be tardy all the time. My husband is always on time though. :)

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@KNOWITALL Same here :’(

I think most schools in Asia are very strict, especially such a hierarchical country like Japan. So it’s not very surprising that there’re so many rules.

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