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There’s probably no point in speculating over the reasons for the crash until they find the plane itself. There are a whole bunch of theories floating around, but there’s just not enough evidence to determine the answer.

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Nothing could be said with certainty.

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CNN spent around ten minutes discussing if the plane was sucked into a black hole. And another ten pondering if the plane simply flew off into space. I wish I was joking.

And fuck CNN.

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@johnpowell…wow. I know you said you wish you were joking but…seriously? They said this? Omg.

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CNN is all about Twitter. So they have experts responding to tweets. #CNNisafuckingjoke

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It’s pretty dang sad these days when news sources cater to entertainment or social media rather than bringing in legitimate information.

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HLN, CNN’s sister station had on psychic Lisa Williams. She has been able to “divine” that some passengers are still alive and being held. She is seeing them around a lot of trees.
She needs to be shot for giving false hope to people.

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@chyna I can’t even believe this. Again, all I have to say is; by the gods. :/

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I believe there is more known than admitted here. Why the general public believes the government is transparent is beyond me.
It would be an awfully big coincidence for the plane to continue transmitting pings for 8 hours after communication was intentionally cut only to have the damn thing explode at the finish line because of some batteries.

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^ watches CNN

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@johnpowell ? What makes you say that? I don’t watch any news, actually. I think they are all misinformed and only report things in a way that benefits their agendas, political parties, and sponsors.
personal opinion: it didn’t explode. I don’t think it will be used to terrorize the USA. Beyond that, don’t care.

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What you typed is the same conspiracy shit they spout. And mostly my comment was tongue-in-cheek.

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I have now, more speculation that can only be pondered over, if you like that sort of thing.

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Ah. I don’t think there is a conspiracy, I never think there’s a conspiracy. I just think it’s naive to think the government, any government, tells it’s people all the facts. It’s just a safety issue. Not everyone needs to know. Media just never shuts up.

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Yeah, they really said that. The best part was the government “expert” (from the Department of Transportation) who said something like “we know it wasn’t a black hole, because even a small black hole would suck up the entire Universe”.


The scientific illiteracy in this country is painful.

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I think the pilot drove it into the sea.

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I sure hope they find that damn plane soon.

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