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Any old Twilight Zone fans in the house?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) March 27th, 2014

I have been hooked on watching the old b&w Twilight Zone episodes on Youtube the last few days. Rod Serling was genius!
Takes me back to my childhood in the 60’s. Any other TZ fans here?

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By definition, any fans of the b&w Twilight Zone are going to be pretty old, I would think*.

I don’t recall a lot of the episodes, actually, but I do recall Rod Serling’s introductions and that distinctive voice. I’ll have to find some of them on YouTube.

*Well, aside from you, that is.

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Yes and the outer limits… I used to watch but I am waiting for new episodes, of a new series like the X-files.

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@CWOTUS Haha..well thanks for the compliment, I think. ;-)—

You can find the top 20 best episodes…they are very entertaining for a myriad of reasons.
“The shelter” is a classic.

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I’ve watched them all – both as a kid and as an adult. It is interesting to see how far off their vision of future space crafts and missions were.

Landing on Mars and finding it has a similar atmosphere as Earth: “Markeson! You were right! They are just like us!”

My all time favorite is “To Serve Man”.

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@LuckyGuy Oooh..I’ll have to watch that one later tonight.
I liked ” Miniature” the passive, mamas boy that transported himself into the museum exhibit to be with the doll he loved. :-)

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I’ve seen most of the episodes of the original Twilight Zone series. Just the other day I watched “The Old Man in the Cave” and “Night Call”, the latter of which is quite creepy. Now that it’s available for streaming on Amazon, I plan on watching more pretty soon :)

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I forget which channel it was now, but for a long time they used to do a New Year’s marathon of those episodes back to back. So, it’s not strictly necessary for one to be all that old. I used to watch them for years and years until there weren’t any left I hadn’t seen so just got out of the habit.

The ones I remember best were the one where supposedly friendly aliens came and people are lining up to go in their ship. There’s a sign ( or a book, can’t remember) which says “To Serve Mankind”.

The humans have one idea of its meaning the aliens have quite another. Ha ha.

Then there was the one where a beautiful woman is undergoing plastic surgery so she can better fit into society and look like everyone else. Its not till the very end when the medical team takes off their surgical masks to reveal these big ol’ pig schnozzes.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

And finally there’s bookworm Burgess Meredith who finds himself as the last living human after a huge catastrophic event.

Among the rubble, he finally finds the public library’s enormous stash of books. He’s delighted. Then he bends over to pick something up and his glasses fall to the ground. He stumbles around trying to find them. There’s a horrible crunching sound as he accidentally steps on them. The End.

Serling had a great sense of irony and great plot twists. Genius.

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I was typing while you posted. I see we both like the same episode :)

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I think that network is the SyFy channel, @Buttonstc. We (and our kids) love to watch them! My favorite is the bookworm episode.

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Twilight Zone fans don’t have to be old. I got my kids hooked on it years ago.

My favorite? Maybe Eye of the Beholder or In Praise of Pip. There were so many good ones.

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Seen ‘em all a zillion times, starting with the original broadcasts in 1959. Never get tired of them. (As a kid some of the episodes really scared me!)

The book to have is The Twilight Zone Companion, which fills in a lot of details and production notes.

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@DominicX I just watched “Night call” the other night too…very creepy.

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@Buttonstc All excellent…yes!

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Thanks for the reminder, Auggie. Now that I’ve had a few year’s hiatus, I might go back to it next New Year.

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@Buttonstc my very favourite one the pig faces! and my other one, ‘terror at 30,000 feet’ with a young captain kirk

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Absolutely love Twilight Zone.

My husband and I rent the entire series from the library at least once a year, and individual episodes randomly throughout.

Some favourites that haven’t been mentioned yet:

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
The Obsolete Man
Nick of Time (with William Shatner)
The Encounter (with George Takei)
The Masks
Kick the Can

@trailsillustrated : Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

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My daughter is twelve, and she likes to watch them, even though B&W shows bother her.
She has been introduced to lots of classic t.v. She knows Gilligan also as Dobie Gillis’s best friend. She gets a kick out of spotting stars from one show in other places, like Batman on some of the old westerns, and Daniel Boone’s wife starts making time with the Rifleman. She couldn’t believe seeing Robbie Douglas friends with Mark McCain.
She likes Twilight Zone, Hitchcock, and Outer Limits. Neither of us care much for Night Gallery though. I like some of those shorts.

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@augustian ,Burgess Meredith was the bookworm and that was also my favorite episode..

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I hate sparkly vampires.

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I’m also a fan. I use to watch with my older sister when I was little. (though invariably I’d fall asleep half way through). They are my sleep comfort now. When I am feeling bad, I turn them on when I go to sleep.
I also DO like them when I am awake as well :)

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Yeah…seen ‘em all many times over. Terror at 30,000 Feet gave me a permanent fear of flying.

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I’m 67 and I like the show, so I’m a way old TZ fan.

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I loved the old series but to be perfectly honest, I’m pretty burned out on it. Can’t count the number of times I’ve re-watched it.

One of my favorite episodes wasn’t produced by TZ at all. It’s called “An Occurrence at Owl Creek.” As Serling explains in his intro, the episode was produced overseas but picked up by TZ. The same story, by Ambrose Bierce, was also produced for Outer Limits. (There’s a haunting song in it called “A Living Man” you’ll never be able to get out of your head.

There’s a terrific paperback called The Twilight Zone Companion which I heartily recommend.

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To clarify, the song I mentioned is in the TZ episode.

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My name is Talky Tina, and you’ll be sorry.

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@Pachy I just watched the Owl Creek episode, yes, very compelling, I loved the photography.
I’m not burned out yet because I just started watching about a week ago.

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It’s fun seeing today’s actors like Redford who were doing TV then.

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Occurance at Owl Creek wasn’t an official TZ episode. They bought that film from an independent film maker, and showed it to save a little money. Great episode, though.

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@Yes, filmfann, I explained that in my first post and provided an informative Wikipedia link to it. I think it’s a beautiful episode.

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Absolutely!!! My favorite is the self-absorbed book reader who ends up in the bank vault and nuclear disaster hits, he is left to read undisturbed forevermore, but at the end, breaks his glasses.

Love them!

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@Pachy You are right. I missed that.

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Oooo… @filmfann, @Pachy I loved An Occurrence at Owl Creek. I remember holding my breath to see if I could match the action in show. (I couldn’t.)
The ending caught me off guard.

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Hey, “filmfann, No. I love swapping movie trivia with you.

@LuckyGuy, first time I saw it (I’ve watched in many times since) I was totally taken aback by the ending. Now that I know what’s coming, I see all the “tells” that give it away early, but I’m still knocked out every time I see it. A number of movies have copied the idea, including “Jacob’s Ladder” and I guess to a degree “Sixth Sense.”

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For me it was, via the photography, such a really “there” feeling. Seeing, through his eyes, his bound feet on that plank over the river, the soldier standing on the other end,
knowing you had seconds before eternal darkness befell you. shiver
His joy upon dragging himself out of the river in his dream state, the wonderment of a flower on a shrub. Truly drives home the meaning of the saying of “seeing with new eyes”.

Freaking amazing and surreal experience.

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@filmfann, that was supposed to be a “NP” ;-)

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I’m a fan of Rod Serling.

I’ve named my favorite breakfast creation after him:

Coffee and cigarettes.

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Just watched ” The Hunt”. Awwww Rip.

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And of course who can forget the number 1 very best old time B&W TZ, The Invaders starring Agnes Moorehead as the old lady who discovers the alien space craft landed on the roof of her house.

Poor alien guys have landed on a world of giants. And this giant lady finally destroys the space craft, just as we learn it has a US Air Force decal painted on its side (also says “Space Probe #1).
{Agnes never says a word during the entire half hour}

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@Dan_Lyons I just wtached that episode the other night. I love Agnes Moorehead, forever Endora. haha She is a classic. Great episode.

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